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  1. Hmmm.  I wonder who the someone else is,  Krypto maybe?

  2. Look, everybody! Atlus is "doin’ the Bane"!


  3. LOL @ "doin’ the Bane". Nice one. =D

    I hope this gets good soon, my patience (& my wallet’s patience) is runnung pretty thin. 

  4. *running

  5. This is completely off topic.  But does anyone know when James Robinson’s Justice League will come out?

    I’ve been 50/50 on this.  There have been good moments and some that have made me go ‘meh’.  But I’ll definitely stick with this through the whole "Planet Krypton" or "new Krypton" (whatever it is called) storyline.

  6. My patience is also running thin, two issues and I’ve yet to see why this guy is considered such a god….Just medicore writing, seriously some really bad stuff was in the last issue. Plus the art wasnt so great either, I’m probably going to pick up this issue…but it could just be to read it in the store and not offically buy it.

    I’m also with Kory, I’ll wait til this whole ‘New Krypton’ arc to wait cause that’s really one of the only reasons Robinson is on this title.

  7. Hopefully Atlas can become an interesting villian because Supes does’nt have good enemies.

  8. @Kory: Your joking right?

    What about Brainiac, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Bizzaro, Doomsday, Darkseid, Mongul, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Zod?…He’s got a good amount of villians like Batman does…

  9. @Kory — Not sure when Robinson’s JLA comes out, but I’m looking forward to it, I’m pretty sure it has the Big Seven as the line up, which I’m VERY happy about. I gotta disagree with you about Superman’s villains. I think he has a pretty decent rogues gallery.

    This arc so far has been average, not bad, not good, but last issue was just … weird (IMO). I’ll stick with it a while longer though.

  10. @Wade- Robinson’s JL won’t have the big 7.  It’s going to feature Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen and a bunch of c-listers and some guy name Congorilla.  Robinson has stated his JL will be a more proactive team instead of a reactive team like the regular JL.  It will get it’s start from Hal and Ollie being pissed off that the league did’nt crack a few skulls after Martian Manhunter was murdered.

  11. @NextChampion- I’m dead serious, other than Luthor, Darkseid, Brainiac, Zod and Metallo none of Supes villians interest me.  Remember it’s just my opinion.

  12. LOL @ ‘Congorilla’

  13. James Robinson’s Justice League line-up:

    Green Arrow

    Hal Jordan



    The Atom




    That’s a pretty badass team.  I’m excited for this book to come out.

  14. @Conor- The team I read about did’nt mention Supergirl, Batwoman, The Atom, Starman, or Shazam.  I saw a bunch of characters I never heard of, oh well, you know how the internet is.  That lineup definitely excites me.

  15. @Conor That book needs to come out. Did they say December? Not soon enough.

  16. Ah, that’s a bit dissapointing to me, I dunno where I heard it was the Big Seven, maybe in my dreams? lol. Why have another JLA of (mostly) second stringers? How can Hal be on both teams? I don’t get it.

  17. @Hal is quitting the JLA and Ollie will be quitting the Outsiders.  This will be Green Lantern and the Outsiders, so to speak.

  18. the last comment was @WadeWilson.  I really stink at typing today, maybe it’s the hangover.

  19. Just read the book.  I loved it.  Till he showed up at the last page.  Blah.  I can’t help but not enjoy him.  If he didn’t talk I would like him more.  But he does.. and it’s stupid… and it bothers me.  I don’t care if he’s super.  They shouldn’t be able to talk!

  20. This book was great. Robinson is knocking it out of the park; The humor in this book is subtle and excellent.

  21. I’m not sure where this book is going but it’s been really fun. Both titles have been really awesome as of late.

  22. I thought this was a really great issue. I was expecting the last page, but it still gave me chills. the one thing that sounded off to me was when Superman says, "Avenge me." Just seems un-superman-like. I just pretended I hadn’t read it.

  23. @charlieblix

    he isn’t talking. animals are capable of thought after all and captions aren’t just for voiceovers. 

     awesome last page. i love Renato Guedes’s pencils in this, but i don’t know if it’s right for a superman book though.

  24. @Mulletpeep – I know that but the way he writes it makes the dog seem like a moron or an lolcat.  He’s a dog.  You don’t need to give him captions… show us what he’s thinking with what he does.  The last page would have looked so much better without all that damn text making the "hero" sound on par with Bizarro.

  25. @charlieblix

    Speaking as someone who owns six dogs i can honestly say that most dogs are about are about bizzaro level intelligence. Hell, maybe me being a dog lover is what made me love that last page.  i can see your point about the captions, but i think they’re just a nice & fun little look into krypto as a character rather than just a dog that gets angry.

  26. The Krypto thing that Robinson is doing is hillarious. I take it as an affectionate ribbing of dog lovers.

    In #678, during the flashback to Lois and Clark’s breakfast conversation, Clark starts referring to Krypto as "A good boy. A GOOD boy," doing the sort of cutesy-wutsy doggie-talk that some people are prone to do, yet IN KRYPTO’S ABSENCE. That, and the whole "I’ve taught him to love you" thing.

    Great stuff, Robinson. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

  27. Maybe its just because I really am tired of lolcats and this reeks of that.  I love dogs as much as anyone but I hate how this makes them seem stupid.  They don’t think like humans thats all.  Blah now I’m starting to sound like one of them cavemen from the Geico spots. haha. I’m over it.  I just don’t like it.  I’ll ignore it even though I know next issue will have tons of it.  Arg.  I’ll try just not to read his thought boxes and see if that works.

  28. I’m still not seeing why Robinson has all this hype, I’m not familiar with much of his work, but this run is pretty average so far in my eyes. Not bad, just average. Average art, average story. I guess I was expecting more. Busieks run was way way better (so far) & didn’t have a fraction of the hype this run has gotten.

    And the last page? Really? That’s the big cliff hanger? A dog in a cape is gonna fight a dude in a skirt? Not that awesome.

  29. @WadeWilson- James Robinson gets a lot of love because of Starman and JSA: The Golden Age.  A lot of people love those books.

  30. Krypto is a good boy. Yes he is.

  31. That last page was the best panel I saw this week.

  32. I feel ya WADE, but I’m not enjoying Robinson on this book at all. I think Johns on ACTION is exposing ROBINSON to me(like when I realized that TIM WAKEFIELD isn’t a very good pitcher without his knuckle ball)…I hate his dialogue in the SUPERMAN world, it’s odd and doesn’t hold true to the characters for the most part. Maybe he should stick with the old JSA and Starman. More and more I’m thinking that once he gets his hands on OLLIE and HAL he’s going to be exposed more, because JOHNS and WINNICK have developed those characters so well.

  33. where did the panel with Steel come from?

    why was Steel back to wearing the suit with the S sheild on it?

    and who was Atlas hitting in the next panel? Bibbo? 

  34. @leigh – Yes, Bibbo

  35. Pretty good stuff, though it’s going to get blown away by New Kyrypton (hopefully).

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