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  1. I’m super excited about this.

  2. No pun intended?

  3. No, none at all!

  4. The covers look awesome. Im glad I flipped thru this at my dealer and didnt buy the first issue in the run. I was very disappointed in Robinson and his tSuperman. I had such high hopes being the huge Starman and Leave it to Chance fan!

  5. @Dietz82

    Its only one issue in so it could get a lot better. I mean the first issue wasnt bad and there were some strong moments. I plan on Robinson building from here and this book just becoming amazing, similar to Action Comics

  6. First issue for Robinson was okay, not the best. But I’m expecting this arc to get better as it goes on. Plus the art should be just as good as the first issue. Let’s hope to the promise of big things here!

  7. You can’t judge a story or run on one issue, whether it’s awesome or it’s crap — it’s only one issue. That’s like judging a novel on the first chapter.

    To me, Robinson’s first issue was like deja vu — it wasn’t a bad issue, it just felt like I’d read that same Superman issue about 100 times before. But, I have high hopes things will pick up, and I’m looking forward to see how this book will tie into Action Comics.

  8. the first issue wsnt bad i liked it, the scenes out in space i liked allot with GL and Krypto

  9. I just want more science cops!

  10. The Krypto stuff was such a refreshing change of pace in the last issue.  I think it set a good foundation going forward for this story, and I hope will make Superman as fun a read as Action Comics is right now.

  11. This had better be a whole lot better than the overall crappy first part. I have high hopes for a Robinson run on Superman but he really needs to up his game to even come close to what Johns is doing in Action Comics.

  12. Why are people hating on Robinson’s run after one issue.  I’ll read through this first arc good or bad to let him get his feet under him.  If the next arc is bad then I’ll drop it.

  13. Did this one come out?  I some how missed it at my lcs.  I guess I’ll head back tomorrow to double check…

  14. "I’m going to go play with Crypto. In space. Me and Hal."

    "That’s Crazy."

    Anyway I’m realling digging this art. And Jimmy Olson on a motorbike is cool. I liked this.

  15. Kind of a weird issue …

    I’m not sure what to make of Atlas, or this arc, yet.

  16. @wadewilson I feel you on that.

  17. yeah this was a strange book for me.

  18. I hve never read Superman before this other than some Action Comics issues. It wasnt what i expected from a Superman issue but it wasnt bad at all. Just… Different.

  19. I’m not likng this Atlas guy.  But it is good for Supes to have villians he can smash and bang with.

  20. Atlas may have the worst costume I’ve ever seen in comics, and that’s saying a lot.

  21. This issue definitely picked up the pace from last issue.

    I still don’t really care for the art, however.  It’s not bad, it’s just not very good for a Superman title.  It feels too "flimsy", if that makes any sense.

  22. Still fascinating. I like Robinson’s approach.

  23. I liked the story a lot, especially the kitchen scene with Lois and Clark. Good for Clark, getting a personality and all.
    But the art was weird nonetheless and I’m just not sure if I liked it or not.

    Oh, and I want to know what happened with Zatanna…

  24. Robinson’s writing is superb – it’s rich with the sort of subtle humor and believable mannerisms that are so rare in comics. Also, his character monolouges are superb.

    The art blows me away. This is among the best comic book art I’ve ever seen. The Atlas flashback sequence in particular was incredible.

    My only complaint: these read too fast.

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