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  1. Super excited about James Robinson’s return. I think i might be too excited and this book will most likely never live up to the hype or how fucking amazing Action is right now.

  2. So is this a good jumping on point? Not that I need any more titles…

  3. Man, I am so stoked about the science police. Have they ever been shown in non future DC?

  4. @CaptSteveRogers – Yes, this would be about as good a jumping on point as there ever would be.

  5. @NealAppeal – As I recall The science police made an appearance in 52

  6. really? I need to re-read that.

  7. I never read Starman, but I have high hopes for this run.

    Good time to be a Superman fan. 🙂

  8. I’m jumping on this. I can’t remember the last time I bought a regular issue of a Superman comic (that wasn’t All-Star).

  9. I am so excited about this. If he can match what John’s is doing on Action Superman will be the must read character of the year.

  10. A bit off topic here, but I can’t seem to get an answer anywhere else.

    I read Action Comics #866 and I’m IN like flynn. My LCS has quite a few back issues handy. Because #866 denotes the start of a new "arc", what is the most recent arc?

    Would it be like 860-865 ?

    Again…. this is a question in regards to Action Comics… but I can’t seem to get an answer anywhere else. Thanks in advance


  11. Everybody jump on!

  12. If anyone saw the previews on ign for this issue….Damn that art looks amazing! I never heard of Guedes or Magalhaes; but it’s the closest copy of Alex Ross I’ve ever seen. Cannot wait for this…hopefully this can be just as good as John’s Action Comics right now.

  13. @jobob247 – Conor can probably answer your question better, but I believe #865 was the Toyman one-shot (excellent, BTW), and 860 (or is it 859?)-864 was the Legion of Superheroes arc, which I haven’t read but from all accounts (both here and elsewhere) was excellent, as well. I plan on reading it in TPB when it comes out.

  14. Correction: 858-863 = 6-part Legion arc

    864 – Legion epilogue with Batman and Lightning Lad

    865 – Toyman one-shot

  15. …I’ll be getting this just for the cover

  16. @Paradiddle

     Thanks, much appreciated. 

  17. @jobob247 Do check out that Action arc, it’s excellent. You don’t need to know anything about the Legion, everything that you need to know is explained throughout. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have made just as relevant as Morrison and Quietly. That’s impressive, here’s hoping that Robinson and Guedes can follow.

  18. I meant to say that they made Superman relevant. Whoops.

  19. So… I didn’t really like this.  I thought I would but something about Krypto kind of made me feel like this wasn’t for me.

  20. I liked the art a lot, the Science Police were cool, and the action scenes were done well … too bad Superman was hardly in it.

    One thing has been bothered me — Green Lantern’s oxygen helmet for Superman. So many times we have seen him fly in space without one, and just recently (I thing in Trinity) someone said Superman doesn’t even breath. So … what’s the story? Does he breath oxygen? Can he survive in space without it? Or is it one of those "open to artistic interpretation" type deals?

  21. The art took me a while to get used to, but the more I look at it the more I like it. I think this story was pretty great and it was nice to see krypto on the first page. It was apparent immediately that this was written by a guy who understands Superman and loves him. Also, loved those Science Police. Good to see that this and action are going to have a different set of secondary characters. This really set itself as distict from Action right off the bat, and it makes me glad there are two different good Superman titles (well, three if you count All Star, but that’s almost over).

  22. I think my expectations for a Robinson written Superman were just too high.  Ultimately, I was disappointed.  I’ll give it a couple of days and read it again to see if it reads any better.

    That said, I’m just not that big a fan of Geudes on art.  It lacks too much depth of line and "heft".  It’s not enough to turn me off of the series, but I wouldn’t be unhappy to see a new artist come on.  At least he’s somewhat quick and timely, so we won’t have the Pacheco problem that marred Busiek’s run.  I’d rather have consistant and average than stellar and late on this title.  Especially since it’s supposed to be playing off of Johns and Franks run.

  23. Robinson’s first crack at Superman (I think) was done in a lame story back in the 90s that kicked off the series Legends of the DC Universe. I wasn’t overly impressed this time around, either. Liked the Krypto part ( I guess dogs’ "n"’s are backwards. I will re-educate my border collie immediately). Thought the GL helmet was dumb. I will see where next issue takes us.

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