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  1. The "bestest dog" line waas when he was talking to Krypto and that’s how people with dogs talk to them.  It’s annoying.  But spot-on in a writing sense.

  2. Yeah, I understand that. I just found jump from "Damn, that Jade was pretty exotic, Kyle sure was lucky" to "I love my wife & my doggy" pretty unnatural.

  3. Not meaning to quibble, but I don’t see how its unnatural. He’s thinking about different things, so his attitude change. But I have to say i was thoroughly impressed with the issue, and I might be putting a review of my own up.

  4. I think we’re about to see a really big shift in the Superman world, and here’s why:  Think of Hal Jordan’s thoughts while speaking with Superman; they focus on his naivety, but they are dripping with foreshadowing.  Sure, this Titan might be a muscle bound fight, but I think Robinson will do something new with it, or if not, use for some other purpose.

    Also, if events in Final Crisis transition over to the on-going series, it’s going to be interesting…

  5. @Muady – Superman talking about his friend’s dead daughter, and his other friend’s dead ex-girlfriend, like "wow, she was hot" was strange to me. Who is he, Guy Gardner? Then the next second he’s being cornier than a Full House episodel? It just seemed like one extreme to the other way too fast.

    Just my opinion, mate. 🙂

    @Neb – I hope you’re right about Robinson taking things in a new direction! I still have some faith in this story. It’s not a bad start … just not as awesome as I expected.

  6. Thank you WadeWilson! You put into words EXACTLY how I feel. So much so, I don’t need to write a review myself. I certainly didn’t -not like-the issue, I just didn’t think it was great. That Robinson name does indeed carry a lot weight behind it. Granted I’m only 5 issues into the Starman Omnibus, but I’m not realling feeling it yet either, but I do like the character from what I saw in Geoff Johns’ Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. so I’m hoping it ramps up.

    The funny thing is, I haven’t really read much from James Robinson yet, other than what I mentioned. I haven’t read the Golden Age, but I intend to, I also have a complete run of Leave it to Chance that I haven’t gotten to it.

  7. I getcha, Wade, but I’m just astonished that so many people are reading that passage in such a depraved teenage-horndog tone I thought he was truly enamoured with her looks in a respectful way. 

    I honestly think Robinson was going for "She was really something" rather than "I’d tap that". 


  8. I agree with a lot of your points here, but I still really liked this issue.

  9. @Nate – No worries! Feel free to read my mind next week with any issue I read to save me writing the review. =D

    @Maudy – Dude, I’d be offended by the "depraved teenage horndog" comment if it wasn’t true, LOL. Maybe some day I’ll grow out of it …

    @Neal – Don’t get me wrong, man, I thought the issue was good, just nothing too original … but it’s only the first issue, it can easliy become awesome from here, I’m not giving up on it! Maybe we’ve just been spoiled lately with how awesome Johns’ Action Comics has been, and I expected something close to that, right off the bat?

  10. I meant thinking of Superman as one, not you, dude. 😉

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