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It’s Supergirl versus the Worldkillers! But who are they, and where did they come from? What is their connection to Krypton? More important, can the Girl of Steel stop them before they make good on their names and destroy Earth?

Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson
Pencilled by Mahmud Asrar
Inked by Mahmud Asrar
Lettered by John Hill
Colored by Dave McCaig
Cover by Mahmud Asrar
Cover Color by Dave McCaig

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Every time I say, “This may be my last issue”, I find myself on page 20 and really wanting more.

    This creative team has exceeded my expectations and I never thought when I picked up issue #1 that I would still be into Supergirl and actually caring about her journey to self discovery.

    But, who knows, this may be my last issue.

  2. Issue #5 was to be my last issue.

    Issue #6 was the one I told my retailer was the last issue.

    I’ll be looking at issue #7 in the store.


  3. i really like the art but the story is so decompressed i think i may switch to trade…

    • That was my problem with the first two issues and why I dropped it. Remember back in the day when comics were packed with story? This book was just toooooo sloooowwww.

  4. I want to see what happens when a few different cosplayers attempt this costume, because I’m not sure even the artist has settled entirely on what the hell is going on there.


  5. I agree with all the sentiments expressed here. Issue #4 was actually going to be my last issue, but I guy I regularly see in my LCS said to keep going. I was glad I did until #6. I’m only getting #7 because it’s the last in the arc. Ironically, I was really enjoying Supergirl before the relaunch. She was mature, and she was well written. I think we’ve seen her “grow up” and “come into her own” too many times for a lot of us to keep caring.

    But I do like the new uniform.

  6. This has been a very colorful title since issue #1 and has continued to be very interesting. The development of Supergirl has been and up and down ride for her and she has not had a chance to settle in. She has been in costume for the most part of her time here on Earth and fighting and really no sign of relief for her in the near future! Good title can’t wait.


  7. For some reason, it doesn’t read slow to me. A lot has happened in the first six issues. She met Superman, made one or two arch-enemies, returned to Argo City (loved that) and even Silver Banshee popped up as a civilian. No compaints — and one of the (very) few nu52 titles I look forward to reading.

  8. I feel kinda bad for her. She’s running all over the place from her home and back. I cannot wait to get her a bit more stable and confident. Maybe everyone likes her unsure of herself. For me, I like to view her more like a female superman.

  9. Loved it and I’m curious to see where it goes next. The art is top notch and the writing is making me feel very empathetic for Kara. I agree that it’s been a bit of a slow start. I read the first 5 issues in one sitting, so if you feel like you might enjoy it more in trade form I can definitely see that. But they’ve got me too hooked now to make me wait for trade releases..

  10. Supergirl and I broke up today.

    I have to change my relationship statue to “broken-hearted”.

    I really don’t like the texture of the finishes, I’m not a huge fan of the color, and the art looks sloppy.

    Which is unfortunate, because under all of the schmutz, I’m sure the pencils aren’t half-bad.

    I may pick this issue up later, if it’s really a necessary part of the arc, but the romance is over.


  11. You know, this isn’t an awful book… it’s just super average. I think it’s time to drop it, unfortunately. Just a lot of much better stuff out there right now.

  12. I still dig it. The series hasn’t been all that slow. It’s taken 7 issues to establish Kara’s confidence and her residence on Earth. But a good bit has happened in these seven issues. For instance, the fight with the world breakers was pretty much just this one issue. I still enjoy the art. I get the impression Asrar has loosened up his style since the first issue to keep up with the monthly grind. It’s not perfect but it’s still clear and dynamic.

  13. I really like the new bad guys, and Kara feels like a character that has more room for growth than a lot of the other books out there. This is still one of my favorite books of the relaunch.

  14. Worldkillers indeed! That was almost to simple at the end, if thats the case Supergirl should be able to wipe the floor with them next time in seconds flat. Unless of course they attack her one at a time, then what will she do? All picking a side this was another action packed issue and I enjoyed it very much. Her boots have really grown on me, I like the peek-a-boo knee-cap.


  15. .I liked this issue a lot! The best of the DCnU books I read this week.

    Fun title!

  16. Jumped on with this issue. I dug it! Really liked the art.

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