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Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson
Pencilled by Mahmud Asrar
Inked by Mahmud Asrar
Lettered by John Hill
Colored by Dave McCaig
Cover by Mahmud Asrar
Cover Color by Dave McCaig

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

If you’d asked six months ago if I would still be buying Supergirl, I’d have probably shrugged and forgot the comment seconds after it was said. But slowly this title has grown into a sleeper-agent of the New 52; it’s not among the likes of Batman, Animal Man, or Wonder Woman, but it’s getting there. And Supergirl #7 is good step toward that.

This issue is the conclusion to the first arc. (something we’re seeing a lot of this month) Now, one complaint about the series is it’s slow-burn pacing, and I’m not going to sit here and tell you otherwise. This issue is basically one big fight between Supergirl and the World Killers. But I’ve never minded the slower pace, because, like Mark Millar and Brian Hitch’s Ultimates run, Supergirl does decompressed right. Each issue has given me enough to leave me satisfied and eager for next month’s installment. Most other comics written for the trade are fine when they’re collected and read in one sitting, but just leave me bored to tears and uninterested in the single issue format (usually screaming “STOP TALKING AND DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!” at the page). I usually struggle to remember what happened in issue #6 when I pick up #7. That’s not the case with Supergirl. It’s just letting the story and artwork breathe.

And speaking of artwork. As much as I’ve enjoyed the story, the true star of this book is Mahmud Asrar. His style is perfect for this; the storytelling is grandiose but never loses the intimacy of the characters and their struggles. His character’s ‘acting’ is spot-on. And with Dave McCaig’s colors on top of the grey scale images (which are impressive by themselves; go check them out) make for one of the most stunning looking superhero books being published right now. (George Perez steps in next month for a fill-in, so, yeah, we’ll see how that goes)

Oddly, as much as I’ve gone on, there was nothing in this issue that made me gush and say “Oh, this is my Pick of the Week!” or fist-pump moment of awesome. Most of my pile this week was full of strong, 4-star books that could have been my Pick. And most the community picked them over this, and that’s alright. But I came away from Supergirl #7 with a sense of security, that this title was in good hands. With the start of the New 52, we saw some great first issues full of promise that just came apart at the seams and staggered to the end. *kaff*Justice League*kaff* Supergirl’s been a model of consistency, month after month. It’s one of the purest super hero comics being published right now, one that I gladly let my younger cousins read. It’s not bogged down in adult themes and swearing like a sailor. (which, in of itself is not adult. Sorry, creators) Kara is a great character anyone can root for and care about. She’s a confused and scared teenager who’s lost her world and needs to come to deal with her new place in the universe. We’ve seen the beginnings of her story, and I can’t wait to watch it continue to unfold from here on out.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Excellent review! I just finished reading this issue today, and was going to write a review as well, However you have taken my thoughts and put them to text already.

    I never read Supergirl before the relaunch much less superman. I have consistently enjoyed Supergirl each and every issue from the relaunch Is it the greatest? No, however it is a well written storyline that keeps you wanting to know more about the character.

    Again excellent review, I am very pleased that I decided to give this title a try at the relaunch. I have not been let down yet.

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