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SUPERGIRL welcomes aboard writer Nick Spencer (JIMMY OLSEN, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS, Morning Glories) and artist Bernard Chang (WONDER WOMAN, SUPERMAN) for a Girl of Steel story unlike any other!

Someone is trying to kill the young heroes of the DC Universe! Who is this villain, and how can Supergirl stop him? Maybe her friends can help – namely, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, Static and…Robin?! Buckle up, folks, because this one puts the pedal to the metal on page one and doesn’t let up for a second!


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Getting this mainly for the reeder cover to sort of cap off my Supergirl run. 

  2. Getting this since I thought Spencer was taking over as writer based on the first solicit; fool me once, shame on DC.

  3. Loved the Gates-Igle run.  I’ll give this a few issues more.

  4. I already took this off my pull list after the last issue but I still might check this out.  Mostly for the same reason PraxJarvin mentioned.

  5. Nick Spencer is my new go to writer for now on.  Whatever he does , I will be getting it.

  6. @xiseerht Spencer is only on this issue, he “had to drop the book because of other projects.” While there’s been no actual announcement about it, the news was buried in a press release about Spencer’s Thunder Agents. 

  7. Is this a start of an arc?

  8. @Reform  Yes but there will be a new writer starting w/ #61 the new writer for #61 is just James Peaty.


  9. Damian in Batgirl, now in this as well, love the dynamic between him and Stephanie, gonna be interesting to see how Supergirl reacts to him.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed Supergirl these last few years, but this is looking more and more like a good jump off point.

  11. @Franktiger They already had a team-up in SUPERMAN/BATMAN #77.

  12. Supergirl is the only constant book in the Superman family. Gates/Igle made me fall in love with the charachter. I have decided to stay on because of my love for the charachter. I was looking forward towards finally reading a Nick Spencer book (other than his back up Jimmy Olsen in Action Comics) but he will only be on this issue. I actually went back and picked up Supergirl #33 because  Peaty was the writer on that issue as well.  It is very clear that those writers have different voices for the charachter. I will give it a shot, because Gates/Igle made me care about what does happen next to the charachter.

  13. @conor  Ah that’s right, thx CK, that ish was sweet with Ale Garza.

  14. First issue I’m picking up since the War Of The Supermen tie-ins with all those corney Legion folks all over everything.  There was a point where I really enjoyed this book more than all the other Metropolis stuff!!  Especially the Superwoman arc!!  That story was enticing and beautiful.  I don’t remember what happened after that, I guess that is why I dropped it?

  15. Is this a one-shot?

  16. Right now the average rating of this issue is a 2, but it also has 8% of the pick of the week vote. Whom do I believe?!? 🙂

  17. The thing about this book is that it’s quite interesting but it comes off as being too similar to Spencer’s other works. A gang of super-intelligent thugs out to take out the next generation through a seemingly innocuous yet deadly ruse! An iPhone app has dire ramifications for our lead character! Both of these sound like hot Image titles? You’ll feel at home here. Again, the issue is well written and beautiful to look out. But it’s derivative of the writer’s own work! Plus, I kind of hate that we’re back to “Everyone hates Kara” an issue after a big paradigm shift for her. 3/5

  18. Only the third issue of the book I read, but the first time I felt it was accessible for new readers.  Very solid issue, I think I’ll actually stick around for another w/o Spencer and see how it goes.

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