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A powerful new alien foe bent on the conquest of mankind is crushing New York City beneath her boot heel. But where is Supergirl, who led her to Earth in the first place?

Why, she’s trapped on a meteorite that’s plummeting straight into a blue sun. And she’s lost her powers! So, good luck, NYC!

Art and cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. That’s pretty hardcore. I’ve got a feeling she’ll pull out of it. However, I’d imagine there’d be some guest stars in this one. No doubt Supes will step in if they’re messing with his city!

  2. Another last ish for me due to budget constraints.

  3. I am loving this book. good story and great art, just can’t get enough asrar!

  4. Yeah, this is one of the few books and characters that really benefitted from the relaunch. Am very much enjoying this — whereas Batgirl is nothing but disappointing.

  5. I never read SuperGirl (or really much other DC before the relaunch) but when I picked up the first issue of all new 52 books, I would have laughed in your face if you were to tell me SuperGirl would still be on my pull list 6 months later and loving it. Geez this has been a surprise

  6. I’m loving this series. Definitely no plans of dropping it.

  7. Did you read the preview over at CBR? I felt so bad for poor little hot Supergirl at the end of the preview and can really understand what her stance will be back on Earth. I believe this is some very good character building compared to her old self back in the old DCU. The artwork has been tremendous and the action has been plentiful so far, equalling a very good comic.


  8. Supergirl continues to impress me. I like the pace. They’ve taken their time settling Kara into her new home but a good amount has happened in these six issues. I love that she still only speaks Krptonian.

    Asrar’s art is great and easily sets this book among the best looking of the DC relaunch. There hasn’t even been a fill in issue yet! He draws Kara like an actual teenage girl too, which stands out in this industry.

  9. I’m not hating this book, but in order to facilitate my ever expanding reading list, this book is getting bumped to the “Purchase after 4-week Discount” category (I read all digital).

    Superman got the bump recently too.

    That being said, I am intrigued with where this series is heading. I definitely plan on continuing reading albeit a bit later than some.

  10. I am in love with this title! The art, the story, the pace…it’s all good!! Considering I had never read a Supergirl title prior, that’s mighty high praise.

  11. Another good issue for Super G, I agree with the lot of you, artwork has been very good and the story line has moved at a great pace. Telling of her origins and how she got to this point has been a breath of fresh air. Even though she as a character has been around for awhile the little twists have made her feel brand new. I wish they would have done small twists with other such characters ie. Capt. Atom, Firestorm and Blue Beetle however, they did not. This is an example of a very good reboot to an established character in this title. Gave it a 4 solid!


  12. One of my favorite comics right now!

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