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Supergirl’s nightmare is finally over – she has left Earth and has somehow made it back to Argo City!

But it’s not the home she remembers, and a deadly new adversary stands in her way.

Art and cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. The last issue felt like the end of an arc; I’m interested in where this heads from here.

  2. there’s an outside chance i might pick this up, never really been a Supergirl fan, but the new Maxima looks interesting.

  3. Man, I love this cover!

  4. Definitely looking forward to seeing Supergirl’s next new villain. I don’t know who Maxima was, but that’s a wicked sword!

  5. Wow, what a simple, yet very well-drawn cover for this issue. Cannot wait!

  6. I’m liking this comic more every issue. Glad I didn’t drop it because it started out slow.

  7. Liked this issue but it may have to drop to wait a month for $1 less purchases for a bit because of my budget. 4/5 very solid.

  8. I really loved this issue. Having not really read Supergirl before, I think it really was needed to humanize the character.

  9. I had dropped this at #3 but the art was so gorgeous that I picked up 4 and 5. Hope the story is better now!

  10. It’s amazing to me that post-relaunch I’m reading 3 “Super” books and I don’t like Superman, but Supergirl, Superboy & Action Comics have all pulled me in .

  11. I like this book a lot. It’s not too “HEAVY” for a book about one of the last surviving members of an entire planet. I think they portrayed her initial confusion really well, and her reaction to those around her seems natural. And Asrar’s art is awesome! I’ve been a big fan since Dynamo 5 and I’m excited to see his work available for a wider audience to see!

  12. Glad I tried this again. This is the true first issue in my eyes. I like the mythology and this new villain.

  13. Looks like they have a nice long term story brewing here. The art continues to elevate the book.

  14. The cat is officially out of the bag Supergirl, your how is gone and there is no do about it. This is so sad and you almost feel bad for her however; now we can move on……. This Reign character just seemed to be thrown in there just to give this issue some actual action instead of just story. I would have been fine with that since this was all emotion and really should have stayed that way. Reign really did not do anything for me and that really killed the issue the way it was headed…. I gave it a 3 and now lets see what happens when she gets back to Earth, hopefully she will go straight to Supes.?!


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