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  1. I’m still excited for this every month.  What has Sterling Gates done to me?

  2. Well the birds on the left side of this cover really got to know Supergirl well.

  3. @TNC  not really, she has those shorts under the skirt now

  4. @RoiVampire: Sure she does *wink wink* lol

  5. @TNC that’s before they realized she was feeding them alka-seltzer:(  You should see the back side of the issue before making any rash judgements;)

  6. @TNC Actually, yes she is. Igle made it a point to do so.

    Also, we’re just calling it the House of E, now? :-p Looking forward to this! Best book coming out of New Krypton for me. Gates and Igle have been knocking it out of the park. 

  7. Oh if this cover did a 180 degree turn then everybody wins 🙂

  8. [This post is just filler until TNC can make another joke]

  9. Seriously? Someone is setting me up for a joke?

    Weee! *flies into the light*

  10. OH, WOW

  11. [More padding so that TNC can come up with another joke about Supergirl’s revealing clothing]

  12. oh, please, yes. another joke

  13. @Noto, Edward Now, now. Let’s not tax the poor boy. In situations like this he’ll just end up causing another cheesecake meltdown. 😉 (Loathe as I am to even mention that word.)

  14. Cheesecake Meltdown sounds like a desert at a rather expensive patisserie.

  15. Or rather, "dessert."

  16. I’m still picking up Supergirl as long as the price don’t go up.  It has proven that it can stay consistent.  For me, anyhow.

  17. wow that cover is stunning. Might just pick it up for that alone.

  18. Awesome, awesome read. Well done. I love Igle and Gates. I really go. Best Super-book going 5/5.

  19. Great issue.  Supergirl has been solid since I started reading it as part of the superbook cross over.  I NEVER was a Superman fan, let alone the Superman universe, but stories like these have been pulling me in.

  20. This was outstanding comic book writing and is the first comic to make me cry. 5/5

  21. I didn’t see anything worth crying about.  Maybe I should read it over again.  Perhaps I missed something the first time round.

  22. Obviously a daughters letter to her dead father didn’t get to you the way it did to me. Trust me, I was as surprised as anyone.

  23. @shaunbat I can definitely relate. It didn’t elicit an emotional response, per se. But it reminded me of similar experiences I had. Totally understand. 

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