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  1. Y’know, this book has quietly been steady and strong, as well as touching like you say, throughout this entire New Krypton story arc.  I’ve never been more excited to be reading the SUPER-TITLES, and picked this up on a whim yesterday.  I totally agree with your assessment of it.  I really am coming to love Igle’s art, too.

    And yeah, can you imagine where DC would be without Geoff Johns?!?  One shudders to think.  The whole universe would probably be centered on Ambush Bug or some other Didiot.

  2. lol.  Well, I had heard Final Crisis was one big clusterfuck and Morrison really had some rough moments there.  I’m just glad I gave DC a chance, though.  Batman was the only thing I collected for a while.  I collected primarily Marvel and Indie titles.  Then one of my friends turned me on to this New Krypton Run, Flash Rebirth, and Green Lantern.  Every flagship for DC is eclisping anything Marvel is putting out.  If I wasn’t such a completionist, I’d drop every X-title I collect. 

  3. This issue was good but the previous Superwoman arc had such better art and way brighter colors then this issue does.  It is starting to look more like World Of New Krypton in the art department with those bland colors now.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me?  I’m still on for next month though. 

    The Super books have been almost next to excellent lately.  I’m even about to start picking up the one with Mon-El, Steel, and Guardian soon.  I’ve been reading Action, World Of NK, and this the whole time since New Krypton started.  The Secret Files and all the annuals coming look good too.  I’m not so sure if Adventure Comics is going to be my thing for $4 but I’m definitely getting Secret Origin in trade if I can wait that long!!

    Superman is the bomb right now, and we’re hardly seeing him.

  4. I know man.  But that’s kind of what I like about it.  There are so many other characters in the Super world that are so interesting and haven’t really gotten as much exposure.  What’s the book with Mon-El, Steel and Guardian?

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