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Meet Supergirl.

She’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman – and none of his affection for the people of Earth. So don’t piss her off!

Art and cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. i really want this to be good.

  2. Hoping for Supergirl to have an Emma Frost kind of personality

  3. Hmm…can this Supergirl fill the hole in my heart for a Stephanie Brown-less DCU? I sure hope so…

  4. Yeah, I don’t… I’m not sure. I like the redesign, and the pitch sounds interesting, but… didn’t Michael Green co-write the Green Lantern movie?

  5. I love Asrar. I have no idea who the authors are, and I don’t particularly care for Supergirl, but I love Asrar.

  6. Green and Johnson did a fantastic issue of superman/batman (with rafael albequerque art!) where Grodd took over the world, so i’ll give this a shot. Plus, Asrar is awesome!

  7. I loved Sterling Gates Supergirl, I hope we can get back to the fun of that. I think these guys are OK writers, but they certainly have never blown me away with anything.

  8. The preview art I’ve seen of this has been awesome. Asrar is great.

  9. I’m in for this mostly on the strength of Asrar’s art. OK, totally on the strength of Asrar’s art. Hoping for good things.

  10. I loved Asrar’s work on the Atom. While i like the concept of the book, Asrar is really what’s drawing me in.

  11. Buying this based on the strength of the preview art and covers I’ve seen. Hope this is good — and makes up for her previous directionless series.

  12. I love the solicit. A badass Supergirl would be great to see!

  13. This book is my pick for biggest surprise of the week. This is the kind of character that will benefit from a fresh start, and the artwork looks stunning.

  14. There are few artists whose work I’ll buy regardless of the writer. Mahmud Asrar is one of those guys.

  15. No clue about the writing on this but I know it will look gorgeous. I hope the story can match the art and keep me reading this.

  16. This book feels extremely slight, but what’s there is wonderful. Asrar is a rock star.

    • Completely agree. I thought the writing was great, but it felt like half of an issue. On the other hand, that allowed for some big, gorgeous panels for Asrar to play with. Beautiful book. The Superman books are turning out to be the strongest linewide I can ever remember. Here’s hoping Superman doesn’t fall flat.

    • You say that like it’s a criticism but I think this was just about the best way to open the story to me.

      So great! Goodness me, this is good comics!

  17. Very good first issue. Ended the only way it could have.

  18. EXTREMELY SLIGHT. A lot of 2 and 3 panel pages. Brian Wood would have done better.

  19. Holy hell! This was friggin’ awesome!!!

  20. A good book but not a great book. I’m thinking Supergirl has gained her powers too quickly compared to Superman who had to grow into them, but I seem to vaguely recall that they want to explore how male and female Kryptonians handle the yellow sun energy differently…so I guess we’ll see

    • Could have something to do with how old they are when they are first exposed to the sun? Maybe Superman showed the same amount of power at her age, but since he was there all along it didn’t happen all at once.

  21. Dangit! Why did I have to like this?!?! My budget is screaming in pain from all these surprisingly good books.

  22. So far the Super books are 3 for 3 with the reboot.

    That makes me scared for next week’s Superman, as what are the chances that we’re going to get 4 readable Superman family books at a time?

  23. Well, you can’t really go much further back to square one than that . . .

    I bought this out of curiousity, not sure what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised. A good fresh start on a blank slate but still with a few teasers mixed in (such as name-dropping General Zod). I can see how some might have found it slight, but I thought that the sparseness fit with a story of her first moments of new consciousness. I like her character so far, and am intrigued to see where this goes next, so I’ll be around for at least a couple more issues . . .

    I don’t think that I had seen Asrar’s work before, but enjoyed it here. Also, I do like Supergirl’s redsign, even if I like Kal’s less with each new rendering. Maybe after I see it in his own book next week? Too bad Perez isn’t drawing that one himself . . .

  24. The part where her super-hearing is kicking in and we “hear” quotes from other books this week … priceless 🙂

  25. Best moment of the week for me is the panel where she is hearing everything on the planet. E.P.I.C.

    Great to see the New 52 are tied together.

  26. This was a phenomenal book! Great art, great story, great ending. I’m in for awhile.

  27. Great read/look!

    By the way, do you guys remember in Action Comics #1 – Does anyone know what Lex was referring to when he mentioned something in Neptune’s orbit? Was this Supergirl on her way to earth?

  28. I thought it was really fun, but agreed could have used a bit more story and development of powers. Either way i think this is going to be a good book.

    I really like Supes’ costume in this as well.

  29. I liked this, but I wanted it to be more meaty. There was just not enough in it. But I’ve felt that about almost all of the new 52 books. I hate decompression! These are just teasers of what’s to come. I want stories!

  30. This was good, but not as great as I’d hoped. I can see a pretty big cull happening soon.

  31. I liked how she was hearing words that were spoken in some of the other books.

  32. Interesting to see how the powers all hit her almost back to back to back however; there seemed to be nothing but character building and no real story till the last page when the Big S shows up. I think the next issue will be very exciting as to see the interaction and maybe a stroy will form at this point since it is all character development for her I think. Which can be fun I guess if it is done right. I am a little confussed as too what happened?? Was there two inbound objects and one landed in the midwest and one that landed on foriegn soil?? And she is on the foriegn soil?? Who is really trying to confront he? I am going to read it again right now and see if it makes better sense to me.
    Reguardless I still gave it a 3 for this first book, not bad but not really sure if I like it or not..

    Just sayin’,


  33. I don’t know why, but I’m always surprised when I like a Supergirl book, though I generally always like Supergirl books. This one was no exception – it was totally fun and I’ll get it again next month.

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