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The mystery of the Hollow Men has been on Superboy’s mind ever since the first issue. The Phantom Stranger knows the secrets behind this Smallville legend, and Superboy is determined to get The Stranger to share that knowledge – but such information comes at a price, one Superboy may not be able to pay.

Everything so far has been building up to this story, which kicks off here!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. kicks off here and ends in aug. 

  2. Sigh… Still on.

  3. This is it for me, the last pull before I get off. And with gallo back on art I can’t imagine liking it

  4. Eek!  Pier Gallo.  May drop.
    If this series ends, I’d love Lemire to do
    the whole final issue.

  5. Yay! Pier Gallo is back! Also, with the new reboot coming it’ll be tough to know this could be the last stint of the title with Lemire. So hopefully it kicks off big in full swing.

  6. Dropped! Lemme know when Gallo’s gone. I can’t take anymore jaundice-ass Superboy.

  7. I pulled 7 but put it back on the shelf…will still follow the conversation and see if it gets better. First time Lemire diappointed me.

  8. Ugh…this book had a crazy doctor performing a bizarre ceremony with a brain and eyeballs layed on a Satanic alter in a normal human head configuration AND PIER GALLO FOUND A WAY TO MAKE IT LOOK UNINTERESTING!!

  9. I was pleasantly surprised with this issue. I still can’t deal with Gallo’s art, but the story is really interesting. 

  10. I’m with @Wallythegreenmonster I really liked the story in this issue. But I feel the art is getting a little bit better. People and anatomy still looks terrible but other things look alright.

  11. Awesome issue, would love to see more creepy tales from Superboy in Smallville.

  12. This series started out great and took an express trip to Dullsville.

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