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Step aside, Superboy, Smallville’s got a new hero – Psionic Lad! Except, well, it’s cool he’s helping Superboy protect the town from bad guys and all, but what’s that he keeps saying about, um, assassinating someone? Hmm, Superboy, you may need to be more choosey about your friends…

All this, plus the mystery of the Hollow Men deepens!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Variant Cover by STANLEY "ARTGERM" LAU

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. This has been a pretty damn good run by Lemire/Gallo so far. The 3rd issue really clicked with me that:

    A) It’s going to be different from most “Super” titles.
    B) Gallo has an interesting style with his art but it works for this series.

    Also, if only that type of Eddy Barrows art was in his Superman run…..otherwise I’d like the art more that he did a terrible job with. 

  2. I’ve loved the covers.  Story has been good too.

  3. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment of Conner Kent, the awkward German Exchange student….

    seriously though, love the story, but some of that art from last issue….i just cant defend some of the character designs…he looks like that awkward exchange student that gets made fun of all the time.  

  4. I quite like the art, and the world building/ conceptual work, but Lemire is writing one of the blandest ‘voices’ for a character I’ve ever read. Whatever you want to say about how Conner has matured, no one sounds like this. He sounds much more like a young Clark Kent than he does Conner Kent. And yeah, there is a difference, and yeah, it is pretty big.

    Surprised that voice is such a miss, to be frank.

  5. Art is still a bit odd for me but I’m getting more into it now that there the story is starting to come together more. Also, the cover for #6 has me super excited!

  6. I really liked this and Sweet Tooth this week. I feel bad for Mr. Lemire that I made this the pick of the week, he obviously put a lot of hard work into Sweet Tooth this month, but I always expect greatness from Sweet Tooth, were as this blew me away.

  7. The art on this is getting worse and worse. Big disappointment for me.

    Characters all look creepy as frak.  It’s really hard to get past as the story seems to be interesting. 

  8. Easily my POTW. Lemire is giving both the series and the characters an interesting voice, and Gallo’s art is damn near pitch perfect.

  9. This was…..good.

    I really do like this series, but I do think that some of the strangeness took me out of the reading. Especially with the pacing and how he is handling the relationship with Lori. Also, the Psionic Lad story really doesn’t do anything or me. That and the coloring in this kinda threw me off too.

    Again I like this series and I’m all for this continuing. But I can definitely see this be a ‘challenge’ sometimes to read.


  10. I really liked this issue. The art is a bit off but not a huge determent to the story. The last page was what made it a 4 star book for me.

  11. When did Namor get a Superman T-shirt?

    Nice receding hairline dude.

  12. The art in this is weird, but for me i think the coloring is really making it look extra bad. 

    i’m going to go out on a limb and call it now…that Hunter villain guy from the future…its Conner (or his kid/clone) 

  13. This cover here is the variant cover…the actual regular cover suuuuuuucks.

  14. @TexasZombie99  Agreed! I would have liked to get this cover instead.

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