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Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has put a lot of effort into creating their Superboy, and they intend to make sure he performs to their standards. And what better opportunity for him to demonstrate his raw power than to throw him into an alien prison riot?

Good luck, Superboy… you’re going to need it!


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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I was floored how much I liked issue#1 and can’t wait to see how this arc plays out.

    • Me, too. I was so not expecting to enjoy it, but liked it so much that I added it to my pull list. Excited to see where Lobdell goes with this.

    • I was pleasantly surprised by it as well. Who knew I would dislike the Lemire run but like the Lobdell one? Gotta be the surprised of the year if it keeps up

  2. I really hoped this book isn’t too tied in with the Titans (Need o read one to understand the other) because that’s the only thing I can imagine dragging this book down for me.

  3. This week just got better with both Batwoman and Superboy #2’s coming out. Two of my favorite books last month in the same week! Can’t wait to see how this plays out and to see Superboy finally get some action after just being a last page reveal for the two issues he appeared in (seriously, both Teen Titans and Superboy #1 had the same last page reveal by the same writer!).

  4. I hope Canete gets some interior work at DC, that would be great.

  5. Good book for me as wel gang it stayed on my pull list easily no questions; solid book.

    Just sayin’,


  6. Can’t wait, this was one of the best for the whole first month. Hope Lobdell can keep the positive momentum going.

  7. I think the online down-side to this comic was the design of the Aliens Superboy was battling. Just extremely unimaginative. Other than that….. this book is suprisingly good.

  8. This is just flat out GOOD. Such a huge surprise for me.

  9. Gave it 3 out of 5 I felt it spent to much time trying to pull the issue together with the last issue and his mission to eliminate the Titans. Thats all the story really was to me maybe I missed something, and who came up behind him and threw him? The next few panels were confusing and I just assumed it was Rose; it really did not show who it was or maybe it did the artwork was really jumbled I felt at that point of the book. Also at the end I felt this was going to continue into Teen Titans and so I guess thats where we go?? Artwork in 70% of the book was really good and Superboys development has been brilliant; you can see and feel the two DNA selections battling each other inside of him.

    Just Sayin’,


    • I think ” Red ” threw him. Hinting at the fact she has powers. I agree with your criticism though, it was confusing from an artwork standpoint.

  10. I like this book. I give it a 4. It has a couple of bad layouts that made me very confused as to what was going on. I like Superboy, I like Rose, I like Red. The characters are well done, and I want to see what happens to them. This book doesn’t feel heavy with exposition but I do think that some parts leave the reader confused. If the creative team is trying to keep us in the dark then they are doing a good job. This type of thing requires a good payoff which I hope to see in the next couple of issues.

  11. The Red throwing him thing required a couple of reads to clarify (and to confirm that he smashed up her armor and tech along with the troops), and there is a panel where the Walrus guys take Superboy – where? – into the floor? Into the ceiling? I can’t tell?

    • I thought that her using her power is what destroyed her armor. She was fine up to that point. He was only tearing away the armor of the security guys.

  12. Ugh I really hate that this book is just good enough to make me want to keep it on my pull list! I do not have the money in my budget to keep up with all of these. I may have to just stick this one out for the first arc to finish then drop it for budget reasons. DC stop making this hard for me!

  13. Another entertaining read! Really getting a sense of just how powerful Superboy will be. Also, I like the back and forth between Superboy and Red.
    Is Superboy turning into a blackhole?

  14. Scott Lobdell is good at leaving people wanting more.

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