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They’re a team of death-row super villains recruited by the government to take on missions so dangerous – they’re sheer suicide!

Harley Quinn! Deadshot! King Shark! Defeated and imprisoned, they’re being interrogated about their mission – and about who’s pulling the strings behind this illegal operation. Who will be the first to crack under the pressure?

Written by ADAM GLASS

Price: $2.99
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  1. Can anybody vouch for the writer or artist? I’m troubled – is my love for Harley Quinn going to outweigh the fact I have little interest in this otherwise?

    • The writer also did that Flashpoint: Legion of Doom mini series. I didn’t think it was that great. Still if your interested you should give it a shot.

    • I think the writer did a Deadpool Mini called “Suicide Kings”, it was okay. Lost some steam towards the end.

      The artist did a fill-in issue on Lemire’s Superboy, I think it was issue 6.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn, and for that reason I’m not going to buy this book. Why on earth does she need to be dressed like that?

    Harley’s costume was amazing just the way it was.

  3. A) I love Harley Quinn almost as much as i love Squirrel Girl. B) amazing cover! C) being a marvel fanboy this sounds a lot to me like the Thunderbolts series which i love so im completely sold on this series.

  4. I hated Marco Rudy’s art at first, and a lot of people didn’t like Adam Glass’s work on Flashpoint LOD. So my expectations for this book are very low – hopefully it turns out to be pretty good.

  5. I’m wondering if this will fill the Secret Six shaped void I have in me.

    • I would have to guess – not a chance. I loved Secret Six. And while this has Deadshot – cool – and King Shark – crazy cool – I have no idea how it could be as great as the Secret Six was. That is the one book I really wished had lived on.

  6. I think Harley Quinn looks great. I know I am in the minority on that one.

  7. Harley is finally back! It doesn’t matter what she looks like! It’s Harley fucking Quinn!!

  8. This had better be good!!!!!!!! Secret Six and Gotham Sirens were two of the best series DCU has had in a while and to have them end and not brought back in this relaunch seems really dumb to me…. GO HARLEY YOU SEXY THING!!
    This had better, better be good or….. or….. or….. well I will drop it..

    Just sayin’,


    • … are you going to explain Gotham City Sirens in a 5 year old world where Batman never died?
      It’s the same as the people bitching “WHAT THE FUCK THERE IS NO SUPERMAN/BATMAN”……..well how could their be?

  9. Fingers crossed that Harley dies in the first storyline. That would certainly bring a sense of drama to this series, it would get people talking, and it would prove the series’ title isn’t just a cash-in on the good feelings people still have for the ’80s series.

  10. I hope it has the anti hero not really a true villian feel Sec6 had. I know Gail brought that to the book but still S.Squad is old school and if done should be AWESOME!

  11. I really hope that this book explores cool mission ideas. The thing that I find frustrating about the Thunderbolts which is a similar premise is that their assignments are no more dangerous than other Avengers assignments.

  12. ok I might have to pick up issue 2 just to see what happens after that last panel. I dont think this will stay on my permanent list but I have to at least see where it is going.

  13. I really enjoyed this first issue and I felt the pages shown in the preview were the worst in the whole book. I like the explaining of how everyone got to together and what not. If it stays this interesting I might keep it on my permanent list.

    Honestly I thought SS was gonna blow and it turned out to be the book I enjoyed most, course I still need to get my hands on some others that released this week.

  14. Likes: art and a pretty decent cliffhanger.
    Dislikes: Deadshot’s new look (stupid armor and no mustache!), generic dialogue (“The Bangers had family there. Shorties. Babies.”), skinny & hot Amanda Waller, lame team (except for Deadshot, King Shark and Harley), and horrible lack o character development.

  15. Amanda Waller isn’t fat anymore?!! That’s it! The relaunch has now gone too far!!!

  16. This book was disappointing for me. I really wanted it to be good. Alas, it is not to be.

  17. Wow, I picked this up mainly for my love of King Shark and Harley. I also loved Secret Six and thought it might have the same tone. I had no idea about the writer or artist, but I thought the cover rocked. I was blown away! I really enjoyed this first issue. Maybe it was because my expectations were so low, but still…

  18. I thought this was going to suck, but I liked the art and I really liked the story. Very surprised.

  19. I liked this WAY more than expected, too. I’m a big Suicid Squad fan, but I didn’t love this roster initially. But ultimately, I thought the whole thing came together really well. Will definitely be picking up issue 2.

  20. This issue was amazing. I’m new to the DCU (long time marvel fanboy) The only person i knew going in to this was Harley Quinn who i’ve always kinda liked as a charactor so the rest of the roster was new to me. King Shark was awesome to.

    This series is definatly like the ThunderBolts, but its the Thunderbolts done RIGHT.

    Easy 5 stars from me. But if they kill Harley i’m dropping this faster then my pants on prom night.

  21. 4/5 for me. Not perfect, but damn good. I’ll be back for #2.

  22. That was a real nice surprise, well written with surprisingly good artwork. And I actually didn’t hate the new Harley look inside too much. Her on the cover still makes me want to punch a hole through my face, but the interiors were solid. A couple of killer facial expressions inside, too.

    Imagine how good this comic would have been if Waller hadn’t have been supermodelled (*facepalm*) and Harley hadn’t have been dressed like a hooker (*shakes head*).

  23. Really enjoyed this book. It was light on character development but I will give Adam Glass the chance to do that over the next couple of issues. Great introduction to the team. Good first mission assignment. And can anyone tell me where the hooded lady from every issue so far makes her appearance. I can’t find her.

  24. This was AWESOME!

  25. Not gonna lie Im gonna stick with this for a while?

  26. This should be pick of the week right now and possible book of the month for me!!
    5 all across the board! I was skeptical before reading it and was missing my Secret Six and Gotham Sirens and well this is really pulling together very quickly!!
    New and Improved.. with more sexy-nessss and more craaaazzzzy-ness… Harley Quinn!!
    Best book for me so far!!!

    Just sayin’,


  27. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I have no real previous experience with any of these characters so it was a nice introduction to them.

    I think it would be great to watch Amanda Waller get gradually fatter as she deals with the stress of her job. That would be fantastic.

  28. With as bad as Flashpoint: Legion of Doom was, I was expecting this to be equally atrocious.

    There’s something to be said for low expectations, as this wasn’t near as bad as I was preparing myself for. I guess I’m in for the first storyline.

  29. Why did I buy this?

  30. This left something to be desired and only made me miss Secret Six. King Shark was pretty fun, but how can you not have fun with an anthropomorphic man-eating shark thing? It pretty much writes itself.

  31. Hey all – I posted this under the other reviews of this garbage book, but here is is again just so anyone who reads this knows exactly how creatively bankrupt this new Suicide Squad team is:

    As if this book wasn’t hacky and uninspired enough, these guys stole their “redesign” of King Shark from an independent creator. There’s a cool little indie book called Hard-Bullied Comics out there with a hammerhead shark/man villain called, shocker – Hammerhead. Check it here :

    It gets even better when you look at the credits – same artist, Federico Dalocchio was on Hard-Bullied 5, 6, 7. No way he didn’t know about the Hammerhead character. There’s even a variant of hard-bullied #2 that was done by another artist with this Hammerhead character that looks almost identical to this “new” version of King Shark. Seriously – check it out. It is unreal. Glass and his team should be ashamed of themselves.

    Way to rip off the indies, guys!

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