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  1. Last issue was amazing! Next to Wednesday Comics, probably the best anthology I’ve ever read. Cannot wait to see what this new batch of writers/artists are going to do.

    I do know what Hickman provides for his part here. I won’t say what he does, but it is in previews over the web, but I would say those pages are worth POTW alone. Just saying.

  2. "You won’t believe your senses!!" – you won’t believe your fucking wallet! Some of the stories in issue 1 were great (the Perry Bible Club pages were a-maz-ing!) but $4.99! Thats £4.50 in the UK! Thanks but no thanks!

  3. @SamMorgan: Worth every penny.

  4. I’m getting this purely because Matt Kindt is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet at a con.

  5. I’m getting this cuz my back up shop has a five dollar minimum for credit card purchases, and I need to pick up one comic from them this week. This will make sure I exceed the minimum.

    And I enjoyed the first issue.

  6. I picked up #1 last week on a whim and loved it. Cant wait for this one.

  7. I wish there was another Paul Pope cover. Cause I still have that first cover image in my head still.

  8. I loved the first issue but its such a huge week and that $4.99 price hurts.

  9. Buying this strictly for the Jhonen Vasquez story. Love his stuff.

  10. Another amazing issue and it’s my pick again.

    I can finally say it but Hickman’s ‘Enlist’ story was fucking amazing! That is what I wanna see when Hickman becomes a Marvel writer. It’s like porn reading that segment, it really was.

    Other highlights like Vasquez MODOK’s story, the extremely bizarre Iron Man tale, and Kindt’s Black Widow tale is just a sample of what you’ll get out of this book. It’s a competitor to Wednesday Comics (even though that ended weeks ago) but this is a great outing by Marvel and it’s hard to decided which series is better at this point.

  11. I loved this, but the low point for me was the Vasquez MODOK story. I’m really not a fan of his stuff. I tried to read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and couldn’t get into it. It’s weird, because I usually have a darker sense of humor, but it just doesn’t work well for me for some reason. Besides that, another great issue. Really makes me wish I had the money to buy those Black Widow pages off of Kindt at Windy City. Damn economy…

  12. Apparently Jhonen Vasquez involvement came in much later then anyone else asked for this porject. About a couple of days after the first issue was released. So not only was that fast work, but he still made this one of the highlights in a pool of fantastic stories. His story was one of the best in the issue.

  13. Although I thought this was generally good, it seemed disappointing when compared to last months issue. Still, only a minor misstep. 3/5.

  14. @Rust yautop arts (audio show call back!)
    Really? I think that was my favorite from this issue.

    This was excellent overall. I’m kinda not into the Hulk bit, I’m sad to say. And I would’ve preferred the ‘Enlist’ part if it was just the Galactus page, it felt more tedious reading the other pages, like I was now just reading a real ad. 

  15. @captbastrd Ah, the good old days…

    I really don’t have a good history with Jhonen’s stuff. I detest Invader Zim. I only got through the first chapter of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac before I had to put it down. It just really isn’t my sense of humor. I kind of lump it into the Spongebob Squarepants category. The dark stuff doesn’t really bother me.  It just comes off as annoying to me.

    It’s really the only explanation I can come up with. I really liked the MODOK story in the first issue, and that got pretty dark as well. Just something about Jhonen doesn’t jive with me.

    I’m glad you and many others liked the story. It makes me glad that an anthology like this can have so manyvastly different approaches. I really loved the Iron Man story with Baloney Ma. I love that out-of-left-field stuff. Like I said, the MODOK story was the only down point for me this issue.

  16. I wish I could’ve seen more of the Enlist bit for Galactus. Just do every herald known to man, have Hickman write/draw the issue, and I’ll be a happy man.

  17. @Rustyautoparts
    Ah, I didn’t even know that was the same guy. I wouldn’t have been familiar with his name specifically, but the different stories would’ve benefited from having the creators’ names on them (all of them, I mean; I know a lot did. Possibly including Jhonen’s)

    I’d like them more if they were spaced out. Throughout the entire Strange Tales series or even just in this issue, as if they were ads.

  18. @captbastrd: Actually…..that sounds good too. Maybe having it spaced out would’ve worked better. Still it was the highlight for me for the entire issue.

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