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The moon has declared war on Earth, and now its emissaries have landed. All over the world these lunar antibodies have absorbed our buildings, our pets and our neighbors, crafting monstrous bodies to tear our world apart. Fighting on the front lines: new recruits Apollo and Midnighter.

Plus, Harry Tanner – the Eminence of Blades – makes a play for power that threatens to cut Stormwatch in two!


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  1. I really like this book. I’m reading the Planetary omnibus now as well. The two are pretty similar and a ton of fun. While that is more self contained stories, the book here is a great mesh between a large mystery and a team book. Looking forward to more!

  2. This book had a huge turnaround with the second issue and I hope it gets some more love and attention.

  3. as much as I can tell that Cornell is a good writer, there’s something about his style that doesn’t work for me, giving this one last try because I do love the characters.

  4. I wish Sepulveda hadn’t just signed an exclusive… much preferred the pages by Barrionuevo last issue.

  5. Ugh sadly still not feeling it. I really wanted to love this book too. 3/5 Dropped.

  6. God, i love the Authority, and forget the name this is the Authority. I like the way the book has always been about throw away weird concepts that aren’t explored because they would immediately fall apart or just be stupid. Ellis did it, Millar did it, and i ate that stuff up with a spoon.

    the tradition continues, Jack’s talk with the spirit of the cities was great. so stupid but great

  7. I still love this. I’m only vaguely familiar with Wildstorm characters so its nice to be introduced to them here. It really hits on things I desire from a superhero comic. It’s weird and wild and fast paced. It’s great how over the top and direct all of their power sets are.

  8. Every issue has gotten better and better so far. Dont know how it can be topped in issue 4. Issue 3 was pretty damb good… I cant wait to see this evolve over the next few years. Eventually Apollo and Superman have to meet. Should be a blast.

  9. This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. If it can continue to operate on this scale and with stakes this high, this book is gonna be a must read for me. Better pencils wouldn’t hurt either. Sepulveda is competent, but inconsistent. If he can make the talking head panels half as clean as his splashes, he’s welcome to stick around.

    Pumped for #4.

  10. Where did these characters come from? Besides Marciano Man Hunter I’ve never heard of them. Why do they hate the Justice League? They should fight Justice League International and kill the shit out of them because that book sucks. How come the embodiment of Metropolis is some chick hanging out with a parking meter?

  11. the fact that I don’t know who any of these people are and that after two issues I have a full understanding of their (convoluted) powers and character is a testament to Cornell. How many ideas/concepts/plots can you fit into twenty pages, anyway? I can’t believe that there isn’t one book on my pull list that I’m not over-the-hill excited to pick up.

  12. I’ve thought about it. How many trades are they?

  13. Hmmm… 3-4 trades.
    If you scrounge around ebay you may find a group of trades or even single issues for cheaper than you can find elsewhere. should have some trades on the lower end of the price scale but for some reason authority stuff is kind of expensive (maybe cause of a low print run/ and high demand).
    If your patient you can get it cheap though. I just got 2 trades and the last 10 books in issue format for 25 dollars with shipping for a christmas present off of ebay. I doubt you could get that deal.. but its possible

  14. ha well … i didnt know that the authority actually started in stormwatch issue 37 of the original stormwatch untill about a month ago. It continues to the end of volume 2 of stormwatch. All Ellis written. I just ordered stormwatch vol 1 and 2 for just over a dollar an issue on ebay. So i will be reading the whole story out of order. I dont know what you should do. However the Authority vol 1 was so well written that I had no idea that i was missing any plot or character development. Obviously I cant tell you how good stormwatch 37-50 vol 1 and 1-11 vol 2 is yet though.. till i finish reading it.. sometime in the next few months.
    I have heard some people say they liked those stormwatch issues even more than the authority vol 1 so if i were you i guess i would try to read it in order. If you cant.. authority vol 1 is totally self contained… so you wont be confused… and authority vol 1 is something everyone i know loves.
    Good luck.

    • I’m not sure if I enjoy Ellis’ Stormwatch more than The Authority, but I know I was pretty disappointed back in 1999 when Stormwatch ended. For some reason The Authority didn’t appeal to me at age 17, so it took me a few years to come around to it.

      Authority is written to stand alone, but I really liked Ellis’ Stormwatch runs and totally recommend it. Those issues definitely defy the conventional wisdom that all 90s comics sucked. And Stormwatch Volume 2 features some (from what I remember) excellent art from Oscar Jimenez. Whatever happened to him?

    • Jimenez from wiki …”He is currently doing work on Avatar’s Gravel series as well as Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle, a mini-series being written by Garth Ennis”. I love Gravel (Ellis) but Jimenez hasnt penciled any Gravel comics that have been released yet.. so those must be yet to be released. I would give Gravel a try if you like the idea of a physically tough, more magically skilled, much less selfish version of John Constantine. Ellis needs Oscar on Gravel because Wolfer’s art is just bearable at best. Jimenez has done some beautiful work on the latest Chronicles of Wormwood series though vol3 (which is out). I like wormwood but Wormwood can be pretty effed up though… It is an Ennis book after all.

      Thanks for the info Kind Sir.
      I have one question.. did you read the first 36 issues of stormwatch volume 1 because it was cheaper for me just to buy the whole set rather than 37-50. Im just wondering if its worth bothering to read those first 36. I see Ron Marz and a few other decent writers hovering around but a lot of unknown writers as well…. and I now have a stack of like 400 back issues and 15 novels to read.. so i need to cut the fat.. so to speak.

  15. This continues to improve with every issue. This was terrific.

  16. I’m enjoying the story decently. I’m completely new to most of these characters though, so I’m hoping they spend some time explaining some things soon, maybe on some down time after the first arc.

    Things I’m waiting to learn:
    1. Where do Apollo’s powers come from? What are his powers? Exactly the same as Superman? Is he an alien like Superman?
    2. What are Midnighter’s origins? Does he have powers? How similar to Batman is he supposed to be?
    3. If I research these things on Wikipedia are they still applicable to the current series, or are these characters revamped and considered fresh starts?

    I imagine these are answers are already known to most people who read these characters in the past. And I think they’ve done a pretty good job walking you through some of the other characters powers.

    • @rad…
      your in for a treat i think
      Apollos powers are very similar to Supermans ya…. i cant wait till they need to team up to save the DCU..
      Midnighter has powers ya.,, hes not very similar to batman in personality or in capability.
      I think the characters are the same…. so far…
      Get the Authority vol 1 off Ebay dude! Great art .. Great writing.

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