In Siege: Young Avengers, from Sean McKeever and Mahmud A. Asrar, the Young Avengers take center stage as Wiccan and Patriot are pushed to their limits!

WRITER: Sean McKeever
PENCILS: Mahmud Asrar
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Bring back HEINBERRRRRG! I kid, I kid. Love The Young Avengers and the Dark Reign series was……. OKAY, but hopefully this will be a nice one-shot.

  2. Mahmud Asrar is an amazing artist. Hope this book gives him more attention in the mainstream. That being said, I won’t be picking this up because I’m not interested in Siege.

  3. Even though I am not realy sure that this is absolutely necessary to read, I really like McKeever and absolutely love Asrar so I am in.

  4. Picking this up for the YA. Not thrilled to see Sean McKeever on the book. He doesn’t exactly have a glowing track record with writing Teen teams.

  5. @Prax- yeah I almost said, the same thing.  I thought, "but they keep putting him on teen characters!? surely there is something I don’t see that SOMEbody else sees."  glad to see someone else that doesn’t get it.

  6. Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane was actually pretty good.  Since then though I haven’t read a consistently good McKeever book.  They keep throwin’ the teen thing at him, but it just aint workin’.

  7. Young Avengers’s in the title, I’m fuckin’buying it.

  8. I love these crazy kids.  Good to see the Patriot/Kate and Hulkling/Wiccan relationships!

  9. ugh I love YA! but most of these miniseries there in disappoint me but I like the creative team on this issue and I’ve waited so long so I dont waiting a little longer for Heinberg but after his next story arc PLEASE give them to some one else so we can get YA in a monthly 

  10. The preview for this book was actually the strongest of all Siege tie ins.

  11. the Young Avengers are teenagers right? the way this was written, you could’ve fooled me! hire a writer who writes more natural sounding dialogue.

  12. Of all of the “Seige:” specials that I’ve read (Cap, Loki, and Spider-Man), this one seemed the best executed to me. Still not a five star book, but close enough. Not as relevant to the Seige event as Seige: Loki, it still delivered as a tie-in.

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