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Siege: Loki, from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, goes deep into the mind of Siege’s most devious major player!

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Jamie McKelvie
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. On one hand I am worried to pick this up because (other then Thor) I haven’t read anything with Siege as the focus. So I wonder if I’ll be confused on what Loki is doing.

    On the other hand, with this creative team and Gillen’s solid run so far….This should be a lot of fun to read.

  2. Wish McKelvie drew the cover.

  3. Can’t wait to find out what Loki has been up to…

  4. hey cool, this’ll be the first thing I read with these two working together.

  5. woohoo! When McKelvie gonna get his own weekly?

  6. can you really not buy it once you see that team?

  7. The preview of this looked awesome! I would love to see a McKelvie drawn Thor book set entirely in Asgard.

  8. oooooohhh! ATOMIC!

  9. This is my first experience with the Gillen/ Mckelvie team.

  10. This team couldn’t be better.  I’m getting it because of my fascination with the Phonogram stuff.

  11. I want to see how McKelvie draws Thor! Excited


  12. The preview for this was not good.

  13. I really wanted to get this but…..Diamond literally didn’t ship my LCS any copies.

    Did that happen to anyone else? 

  14. TheNextChampion: I’m told that nowhere in NY got their shipments. Or at least that’s what someone in NY on twitter said. Are you there?

     Oh – while I’m here, Loki’s Comics Alliances’ Round Table Review this week which made me laugh a lot. And is very complimentary too. And spoilery.


  15. "This isn’t mischief. This is May-hem." — Loki

    This wasn’t bad and I really liked the art.

    @TNC: Don’t worry this has to do more with how Loki set up the Siege than the actual event itself.  You should read it.

  16. Awesome book. It totally makes me want to start reading Thor to see how all of this ends. And the art was amazing.

  17. This was very cool and packed with informations about Kieron’s work on Thor and Siege. Must read.

  18. This was gorgeous to read and a nice companion to Gillen’s Thor.  But what struck me the most, and I can’t believe I never noticed til now, is how much McKelvie reminds me of Kevin Maguire.  It’s uncanny, and believe me I mean it as a compliment!

  19. @odare77 – yeah you’re right. That’s cool. 

  20. good read ,i really ejoyed it 4/5, really good set up. make me wonder what loki’s plans are after siege

  21. I just wanna go on record as stating, I think Loki has set this WHOLE thing up, so that he can die and be at peace.  Think about it.

  22. I wish Matthew Wilson colored this. The art is great nonetheless.

    I love that the tie ins are one shots. so awesome!

  23. I am pretty sure if Loki DID die… he is not a peace; and a certain red fellow is laughing all the way to the bank.

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