The SIEGE has ended and taken its toll on both sides of the battle field. The event seven years in the making has claimed many lives, and in this, its final chapter, a universe comes together to mourn The Sentry. The shocking death that ended the fight and gave birth to a new Heroic Age is remembered as Paul Jenkins returns to lead the farewells.

Written by Paul Jenkins
Art by Tom Raney
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Price: $3.99
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  2. WTF is this shit!?! I guess I’ll find out Wednesday.

  3. I know what it is….and it will be the most glorious comic ever.

  4. I love suprises!


    Here is the solict and the cover for this if anyone is curious.

  6. If Bendis is writing this, I will pick it up.  Based purely off of how good ‘Civil War:  The Confession’ was.

    If not, just moving on then.

    Anybody know who the creative team is??  They should have at least given us that information.

  7. Its going to be Paul Jenkins writing the death of the Sentry. I fucking love suprises!

  8. Yeah, what rockingeek said. I figure that’s exactly why you have to "classify" the writer’s name — Jenkins name would make the reveal obvious. 😉

  9. Die Sentry Die

  10. It is going to be Chuck Austin and Chris Claremont splitting the writing duties. And then fandom’s collective head will explode.

  11. I’m really (CLASSIFIED) about this issue!  I can’t wait to (CLASSIFIED) it on (CLASSIFIED)!

  12. I guess Wolverine will die afterall.

  13. *sigh*

  14. Are they killing Nightcrawler off again?

  15. I don’t hate the Sentry as many do, but it’s the logical conclusion to the arc — and honestly — I’m glad to see them bring a character to an end, rather than keep him floating around uselessly. And if it’s Jenkins handling the farewell, I thiink that’s cool. I do think the Sentry was a neat concept for Marvel (the most powerful hero would have the biggest personal problems) , but I think he had a limited lifespan — so to speak.

  16. @TNC – Damn you…i want to click the link soooo bad, but i feel like i wanna hold out for a surprise

  17. Sentry is a red herring…it’s Loki!

  18. "The shocking death that ended the fight and gave birth to a new Heroic Age"

     Since Sentry is the main enemy they’re fighting now, doesn’t this give away who it is anyway?

  19. Poor Kitty, she gets off the space bullet and then the Sentry kills her right away=(.

    Go Marvel go. Show the ending of Siege on a cover that comes out the same week that the final issue of Siege does. I haven’t seen anything online to reveal who the mystery character is, but I’m sure I’ll have it spoiled for me in the shops=). Taking spoilers to a whole new level Marvel, congrats.

  20. It’s Lockjaw. 

  21. @drake: Now that would be sad 🙁

    @Fvckstick: No the link was just this solict/cover the guys just posted up. It doesn’t spoil anything. But it’s pretty obvious who is the writer and who is dead.

    @josh: What’s wrong? Need some McDonalds?

  22. This obvious marketing ploy is working on me, and I will be buying this

  23. @daccampo:’rather than keep him floating around endlessly.’ you mean like his has been for about three years now?

  24. @amircat Could you imagine?  That would be fucking awesome to be without Wolverine for a few months-years.

  25. read this after siege #4, right?

  26. @smasher lol. Who the hell know’s brother?  I’m not sure if the month off was planned or the result of a delay, but I went from caring about this event to honestly not giving a shit.  Fucking Marvel!!!

  27. Is that Dr Doom’s hand in the middle top of the image? Yes its obvious what this is about but come on, there is nothing new under the sun, especially in comics. Its not the destination, its the journey.

  28. @vadamowens – I think it’s possible. They just launched Wolverine #900 (the # of current comics he is in), they launched Wolverine+Spider-Man, it’s possible Daken will become a good guy, and Logan will die for the first time ever. Plus, to my knowledge, he is not in any of the Avengers teams or is really involved with the X-Men …

  29. He’s still heavily involved in the X-teams, but it does seem they’re cutting back a bit.  I love the character.  He’s just over-saturated.

  30. Midtown Comics just put up what appears to be the real cover:



  31. @AmirCat Wolverine was on one of the teaser ads for New Avengers, and is on the covers for at least the first two issues of Avengers… I think he’s still fully involved with the Avengers and X-Men.

  32. @USPUNX – No, I do not mean that, actually. Bendis has had him under his control, and he’s been using him in a way that didn’t seem aimless to me. I think he tried to squeeze as much drama as he could from the character, and this is now the logical conclusion.

  33. Wow! What a Spoilerific title! Should it have stayed just Fallen Siege for those that didn’t want to know?  I personally love spoilers and I think it’s about the ride not the destination so I don’t care but won’t fools be up in arms about the title being on the comics page of the sight?

  34. @whitespyder9 – yeah I know. But let’s go on thinking that … haha. The cover is revealed I guess …

  35. Ouch. Spoilers.

  36. Un. Real. They keep this classified for months and then spoil me the day before siege 4. Not happy. Plus.. I think the Sentry’s cool. Pointless death. I would have preferred the sentry exiled and folded into marvels cosmic books.

  37. Let’s give it up for Occam’s Razor!

    …though I was hoping for the swerve and that it’d be Ms. Marvel.

  38. Fun fact for those complaining about spoilers in the title: This was actually originally solicited two weeks before Siege #4. Imagine the backlash if everything didn’t end up late.

  39. why would they spoil it now?  pretty disappointing

  40. It’s not spoiling.  It is revealing the obvious.

    If I told you that a magician really didn’t saw a woman in half, would that be spoiling??

  41. Obvious or not, its a typical move.  It’s a shame because I love the comics community aspect that the internet gives us, but things like this make me want to just go radio silent.

    It’s not just comics, I don’t even watch movie trailers or next-week-previews on tv shows anymore.  It’s really gotten ridiculous how much is given away.

  42. Its not a spoiller! I wrote it two days ago… its the seventh post. It was so fucking obvious.

  43. shocking death? DUH!

    I’m gonna miss the sentry

  44. The marvel universe mourns the Sentry? Really? Sentry was never really a good hero anyway, he was mostly just crazy all the time. Who would mourn him? I’d think they’d be celebrating his death if anything! Thank god he’s dead!

  45. @ironclad: amen. 

  46. Ok, what the fuck was this business with Rogue there? Who thought this was a good idea?


  47. Since when does everyone remember The Sentry? I thought everyone saw him as a new hero when he started appearing in New Avengers.

  48. I don’t know if this is the worst comic I have ever read, but it’s top five.  Please do yourself a favor and save your money.  Or, just burn it.  Either way, you’d be better off.  This is awful.

  49. @Aquapimp82 Everyone was able to remember him after the Sentry mini….I think.  It was a weird read it took me a little while to realize it was a continuation of the original mini by Jenkins and not a Siege epilogue like it says.

  50. Wow….this would have been good if this was about a character that mattered or that anyone really liked. Telling readers that a character is a great hero doesn’t make him one. 

  51. This was so BLOODY AWFUL..we have no emtional connection to this character so to see the forced reaction of the heroes was so bad.  And Rogue & The Sentry ?? Seriously ??  Just awful..

  52. @glwarm @tazz As someone who has read everything the Sentry has appeared in since the original mini i have to say that i do like the sentry, i do have an emotional connection to Bob and Scout and all the characters really. Just because you could give a rats ass doesn’t mean other people aren’t enjoying something.

    If deadpool was killed next week in a book i wouldn’t complain just because i don’t give a shit, cause i’m sure a lot of people out there must give a shit.

    sure he never had Deadpool sized fanbase but saying no one likes him is like saying no one likes yellow Starbursts. Someone must eat those fucking things because they keep on making them

  53. @roivampire. Well put. Can somebody who LIKES the Sentry please tell me if this was good or not?

  54. I like the sentry and aside from the art this was really good

  55. Yeah, this was awful. I don’t know what happened to Jenkins but I don’t think he’s written a good comic in years. And I’ve never liked Tom Raney. One star.

  56. At one point in time I did like the Sentry. I got the trade of the original mini/5th week event and *liked* the 8 issue mini Jenkins did with JRjr a few years back. But after that the character became a walking joke. "Hey look, he’s here… oh wait, he flew off into space to cry." That said… this was mostly terrible. Just… wow… It’s been 30 years since Demon in a Bottle, the character has evolved so much beyond what this scene is trying to do. Most of the character beats made no sense… and then there was the Rogue scene…. what the hell? I don’t even like Rogue all that much and it makes no sense whatsoever. And then the Mr. Fantastic scene, which could have been gold, petered out. Even Raney’s pencils seemed off. Just… wow. Siege has produced two really bad comics for me. 2/5 

  57. I liked this but it was just a eulogy I wish I only paid like $2

  58.  RoiVampire Ok let me rephrase my statement. Only about 2% of the comic reading public like the Sentry and even if you do like the Sentry would you really consider him worthy of the Superman like treatment he got at his funeral. He was talked about like he was a beacon of hope and a role model for all heroes, which would be fine if readers had seen this through his actions over a long period of time. You can’t just tell us he is a legendary hero that everyone looked up to without any sort of precedent to build that up. 

  59. I can’t believe I paid $3.99 for this book. Absolute boredom. I love Paul Jenkins, but I couldn’t even finish reading the book.

  60. In summation: total crap.

    I kinda liked the Sentry.  Sorta.

    But to treat him like he was friggin’ Superman is down right ridiculous.

    This book is/was a complete waste of money.

  61. Worst comic I’ve read in a LOOOONG time. I want my 4 bucks back.

    Wasn’t he just Norman Osborn’s lapdog? Why the fond feelings for him if he just turned on all of them.

    The fart joke was the worst.

    That was TERRIBLE 

  62. When I put this book down, I said to myself, "that is the worst comic book I’ve read in a long time."  Glad it wasn’t just me.

  63. I like Sentry, but anyone can see this was as contrived as could be. It just didn’t feel genuine.

    It this was for someone like Captain America then I could understand but the Sentry? Not so much.

  64. Yeah. it kinda made me sick and I began to laugh half way through. It was like Marvel was fn with us. 

  65. waste of paper.

  66. Holy yuck!


    That was about the worst comic I had read in a long long time… wow


    Trying to inject feelings and sorrow for the sentry was just fake and aweful.  It was like ok… we need every group and major characters in the marvel univ. represented and have them read this bad screen play.

  67. I threw this out after reading it. Nothing but fake sentimental BS. It seemed like they were trying to do what DC did after they killed Martian Manhunter, but not nearly as well. In the end I realized I don’t care about Sentry’s fake continuity.

  68. I really think I’m going to shred it, then send the photo to Marvel.

  69. @glwarm76  If you had read the Sentry mini’s tha Jenkins wrote previously then you would have seen this was perfect. if all you read was the bendis stuff then i can understand you’re confusion. But in the jenkins books he was a beacon of hope and he did make an impact on the characters in this story

  70. I thought the part where Rogue said Sentry was the only person who was ever able to give her a hug was a really sweet, touching moment.

    Then Jenkins just had to take it one step further… 

  71. Over / Under

    Number of years until the Sentry appears in a flagship Marvel title (after 2010): 5 years

    What do you think? 

  72. RoiVampire well Im glad you dug it. Its just too bad the issue appealed to such a limited fan base. I wish I had read the mini before reading this issue. 

  73. Where was that fucking robot when the Sentry was threatening New York? Or Asgard? 

    Reed should blow it up now and prevent him from joining with Nimrod or Danger and further fucking with X continutity (fuck you for the Rogue shit Jenkins)or some other nonsense.

    In Summary:

    Tony Stark=Still an Alcoholic

    Doctor Strange=Goes to the Same taylor as Tony


    Cyclops=Unfeeling Bureaucrat

    Thor=Creepy (everyone wants to dance with the guy who killed their son)

    SteveRogers=Apparently not a good public speaker

    And finally

    Most appropriate place for a fart joke?=A Funeral

  74. So…Bob Reynolds was a councillor for heroes all these years?

     this was awful, that is all!

  75. Well, Bob and Sodam Yat will meet at the sun. Marvel and DC Crossover, that’s what i think.

  76. This is weird. Everyone slated this book apart from akamuu. Why is that?

  77. @har13quin: It seems there was very little in between on this book.  People either really liked it or really hated it.  For those that liked it, I think the key factor was looking past how this particular moment fits into the overall Dark Reign / Siege storyline and reveling instead in the emotional weight of the moment.  

    I will grant fans of this story that all the right emotions are there, though I question how they were presented.  For example, Tony Stark’s characterization was wrong, as were Rouge’s and Steve Rodgers’s.  These characters acted in ways, or said things, that were foreign to their long established personalities.  So, for the story’s detractors, the attempt at emotional heft falls flat with a resounding thud. 

    Lastly, for people who know only Bendis Sentry, he’s not a compelling character, which makes the whole premise of the epilogue, that the Sentry is worthy of a Hero’s remembrance, seems forced, or even worse, like a farce.  Unfortunately, I think more people are familiar with Bendis’s version of the Sentry, as he has been in higher profile books, which might account for the fact that most people found this book wanting. 

  78. it’s Jenkins’ character, so he gets to do whatever he wants with it.  that was the only thing that kept this at a 3 for me.  I don’t think it was bad, there just wasn’t a lot of good.

  79. @roivampire That’s a false equivalency. I read the Sentry minis and found this to be a huge clusterfuck, not the least of which seems to be Jenkins complete lack of knowledge of the events of Siege 4. And really, the main problem with this book are the really off characterizations of other characters, more than the mischaracterization of who the Sentry was when he died.

    Also, is anyone else a bit put off that Thor has now killed two superheroes? 

  80. I never knew Dr Strange and Tony where long lost brothers.

  81. Anyone STILL think the Sentry is anything but boring and pointless? 

  82. This is the worst comic ever written….  The Sentry was the stupidest ‘hero’ created…..  There is nothing in this comic that would cause an emotional reaction for me…..  Was this an alternate universe????  Uhhh, Marvel, the Sentry was the VILLIAN of Seige along with Norman Osborn.  I am sorry I wasted four dollars on this crap….. 

  83. I did shred my copy, check it out:


  84. I picked this up BECAUSE it was embarassingly bad, and I’m glad I did. I had a great time listening the Ifanboys rant on how bad the issue was.

    I agree with Ron, Rogue!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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