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SIEGE #3 (OF 4)

THE MARVEL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR!! In the halls of Asgard and on the streets of small town America the entire Universe is gripped in a the greatest battle ever seen: SIEGE!! Lives have been lost! Lines have been drawn! And the battle for Asgard is in full force. The moment for revelations and life-changing moves is here, and for some, this will be the last choice they ever make in this world. What happens next is so epic, so historic, that it changes the entire dynamic of the Marvel Universe. You’re gonna want to be there for this one…trust us.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Olivier Coipel
INKER: Mark Morales
COLORED BY: Laura Martin
LETTERED BY: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER BY: Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 61.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. most anticipated title this week

  2. 4 issues… glorious. Nuff said!

  3. I really like the idea of 4 issues.  I feel like it just started and now it’s already ramping up to the conclusion.  I think that 4 may not always work but for this event its perfect!

  4. @DarthDuck  Yeah for an event that is really a big fight it’s perfect. first issue- invade, second issue- things fall apart, third issue – good guys, fourth issue- fin

  5. If the preview thats out of this so far is any indication there will plenty of those "Heck Yeah" moments.  Seeing Steve leading the the Real Avengers into battle is enough to bring a tear to my eye.

  6. The BIG BOOK!!!

  7. If this is half as good as the last issue… I will be pleased but please make it as good or better!!!!

  8. Ya! Grit those teeth Cap!

  9. I hope Cap punches Sentry just like he punched Hitler. I think that would be an awesome way to just get rid of the Sentry forever….it worked for Hitler.

  10. I have so little concern or excitment towards this. It’s a very bad sign.

    You know what?

    I don’t care if Cap’s back. Brubaker’s Re-birth was terrible – it deflated the event. 

    I don’t care if Osborn gets punch – i stopped reading stories involving him because they weren’t good

    I don’t care about Asgard – it’s plays on reader’s nostalgia for a period of Marvel comics that i didn’t read

    i don’t care about Tony Stark – he’s in a coma or something. Well, that doesn’t make for exciting reading. 


    Sorry, folks. this is very disappointing… to me. make your our mind up

  11. I’ll have to agree with Edward, the whole Dark Reign/Siege storyline has really led to me checking out other non-Marvel titles.    I’ll pick this up, but I’m just not getting blown away by it

  12. Honestly?  I don’t care if you don’t care…  I think this issue is gonna kick BUTT!  Now what’s your favorite book so I can go crap on that?

  13. I can’t wait to see when that thrown shield connects with that head!

  14. The first page had better be a splash page of Osborne getting smacked in the head with a shield.

  15. @fractel514: Hey, i could piss in your pocket. I could say this is SOOO GOOD but that’s not how i feel. It’s a criticism, not just complaining.

  16. @Edward    Why so jaded?  

  17. i am really excited for this

  18. I just really hope that we have a different cliffhanger from the one we’ve had for the last two issues: Cap is showing up. I think that the end of issue 2 would’ve been better for me if the ending of issue 1 hadn’t been an "aw yeah, here comes Cap" moment.

    I’ve been lukewarm on the first two issues, I’m hoping that this is the issue that gets me pumped. 

  19. I’m enjoying this more than Blackest Night to be honest. With both I’m also only reading the main book, and Siege is way more understandable. Siege so far to me is the model for all event books.

  20. @Doctorporen: the last 18 months of this story, maybe longer, since Secret Invasion has been a disappointing, anti-climatic marketing operation in selling lots and lots of comic books.

     that’s a lot of cash spend of medicore comics. If they didn’t have the marketing push they had, there’s no way i would have brought them. 

    is it a jaded view – yes. an Unfounded view – nope. 

  21. Are they still in the Savage Land?

  22. I hope this is 22 pages of Captain America showing up with every page a different person getting surprised and then teary-eyed. Oh, UFoes, I think I missed you guys most of all.

    One of the biggest problems of the Cap Returns fiasco is that with the uncertainty of what issues will actually be those Cap is first being seen in, everyone has been writing the same scene with grown men weeping and women swooning. It definitely helps put the "Don’t" in I don’t care about dead Cap anymore. 

    That being said the last round of Seige was damn good, so here’s to Bendis keeping it going.

  23. I hope people who don’t plan on enjoying this comic don’t buy it.

  24. This reminds me of the comics I bought when I first got into comics…and goddamn but I’m excited about it. Bring on the Heroic Age!

  25. @ScorpionMasada: Who say i didn’t plan to like it?

    By that same logic a person who pays $16 for a movie ticket must like that movie and can’t critic  that movie becasue he paid cash to see it.

    Right now, i have paid $8 for a comic series. After it’s finished i would have paid $16.

    I didn’t know i wouldn’t be blown away by the book before i brought it so why can’t i criticise it?


  26. As I have stated before, I think everyone who has shelled out the $3-4 for the book has the right to extol or berate it as they see fit. They paid for the privilige. If they are the minority opinion, they will take some lumps, comments-wise. People come to these sites to both celebrate together and to vent their frustration. Both are valid responses. That being said, pure trolling behavior — This sucks, you suck, DC sucks, Marvel sucks, Deadpool sucks  (ok, maybe that last one might be ok) — should not be welcome. It doesn’t start conversations or create any positive movement or meeting of the minds. On the other hand, mindless cheerleading — This rules, you rule, DC rules, Marvel Rules, Deadpool (OK, I can’t even type it) — is fine. It may not add to the conversation, but as it is just positive energy being pumped into the thread it is the type of thing that helps keep this odd little community moving along.  

  27. i really, really don’t think i was trolling

  28. @edward- Dude, it’s been 18 months and you’re still reading these books… That’s almost as retarded as people taking your comments seriously. 

  29. Ok, JesseG, whatever you say. Read Jimski’s acticle today and try not to get too emotional about these things.

  30. @edward: it does seem weird you stuck with it this long just to bitch every issue. i agree you can’t know if you will like something ahead of time but if you have disliked this story line for the past year and a half why are you even reading this? i mean i bet you’re the kind of person that does nothing but bitch about Lost but are still watching it.

  31. so… who’s getting the Deadpool variant?

  32. @USPUNX: oh, Please. Siege was presented as a total differient entity. Hyped as something new. What this has been is more of the same. House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion have made it redundant and unoriginal. 

    And for the reasons I mentioned in my first post or more, It has no emotional resonances or real excitment… 

    To me.

    Maybe you like it. 

    That’s fine.

    It’s not bad.

    Just not great. 

  33. You are not obligated to continue to buy any comic beyond the one you originally purchased that forumlated your opinion.

    The movie analogy does not work unless you flush it out a bit more.

    If I think a movie is going to disappoint me or hold no interest for me, I don’t pay for it; therefore, I don’t see it.

    I believe you can walk out of a movie and get a refund within the first 20 minutes. That could be an urban myth though.

    But to buy any form of entertainment that you are pretty sure is going to be crap is absurd and is a huge factor in why Hollywood makes crappy "blockbusters" that could finance a small country. A lot of people are not discerning enough with how they entertain themselves.

  34. I never said it was great. Just pointing out that if you got burned consistently on the hype of House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Dark Reign that it seems kind of strange you’re reading Siege. I mean House of M goes back to 2005. If you feel you have been getting burned by Marvel events for 5 years why are you still reading them?

    Also most events you just have to take for what they are. Rarely are they amazing story telling. They are generally used to radically alter the status quo of a universe; which I think most people can agree HoM, CW, and SI all did. Even if we agree they weren’t great reads they at least shook things up and allowed for some interesting stories to be told in their wake. 

  35. @Scorpion: i did just post this "who said i didn’t plan to like it?" You can see that in this exact same thread.

    How many movies have you walked out on? How many movies have you disliked?  If that numbers not exactly the same i will be very surprised. 

    So basically, it cames down to this. yeah, Siege isn’t blowing my socks off. BUT, there’s only two issues left.  Why would i stop?

    I have sat though plenty of movies i knew were going to be less that brillant after the first 30 minutes (transformers 2 and the hangover are the two most recent examples)  without walking out and demanding my cash back. however, I did go to work the next day and tell people those movies were terible. 

    See the connection here? 

  36. To make a statement that a company can’t put out bullshit and keep getting your money.

  37. @Scorpion: i’m not being rude or trying to make fun but i don’t know what that statement means

  38. So all Marvel has to do is put out 4 issue events of any quality and you will buy them because by the time you fashion your opinion you will be halfway through and "in it until the end"?

    So you don’t care about the characters, the setting or the ramifications.

    All right. List what you are interested in about Siege:

    I care about . . . [relate to Siege]

  39. @Scorpion: that is a good question. See, now we’re involved in a conversation

     Ultimately, i never said i don’t care about the ramifications. i care about the next chapter in the story. the most basic reason for read a story is to found out what happens in the end, right? So Marvel gets another $8 and i get to form an opinion on the story as a whole. 

    Previously, i was really excited by what this story could have been. however, the execution has been lacking. there has been editorial issues with Steve’s return and Tony’s coma or just a lack of feshness in writing

    I care about (or enjoy) the art. I think it is fantastic. Coipel has been a favourite of mine for a long time now.

  40. Forget issue 3, the battle is here!

  41. yeah, sorry about that everyone

  42. I just don’t get why, if you like aspects of it, you choose just to focus on the negative.  If you don’t want to get the reaction you did, why not balance the initial post.  Your first post really came off trolly and bitchy, if it wasn’t meant that way I apologize.  But, I’m still waiting for what your favorite book is so I can go piss all over it.

  43. @DarthDuck I for one will not forget issue 3, because it kicked ass

  44. I am very much looking forward to this issue, I believe you are right in that it will kick much ass.  Osborn’s specifically.

  45. FWIW – In my little mini-speech of trolling via cheerleading I wasn’t implying that Edward was trolling. I was trying to say the opposite but got caught up pontificating about good and bad commenting. If Edward is not digging on the series, Edward can feel free to say so as long as it is not trolling. Trolls are those that do nothing but bitch and attack, often without having even read the thing. There are a few trolls around, but Edward is not one. Just because he is negative about a comic you are loving does not a troll make. We all buy comics that maybe we shouldn’t have (and watch moveis and tv that we shouldn’t) for a multitude of stupid reasons. Don’t get me going on why I keep getting Loeb’s Hulk.

  46. Thank you, JimBilly4.

    It’s like Jimski’s post from tuesday. Personally, someone can dislike something without thinking it’s devoid of value.

    Basically, you’re ok, i’m ok. We’re ok. 

  47. Olivier Coipel art!  hell yeah! (don’t we all like positivity?)

  48. Enjoying this so far but im sadden at the fact that one of my favorite charaters ..Sentry is probably going to get killed off….even though he’s a mircle man rip off i’ve been a fan since the 2000 mini-series…I hope he doesn’t and shows up as a secret avanger but i highly doubt that.

  49. So, we’re all ok, but what is your favorite book?

  50. That may be it.

    Sentry is going to die and Edward is having a hard time coming to terms with his impending death; therefore, he is projecting his anxiety and frustration at the vehicle of the Sentry’s downfall:


  51. @fractal514: do you mean what is my favourite book? 

    i dunno, maybe Criminal. Superhero wise, it’s proberly Batman & Robin. although i like hickman’s stuff too. My favourite book in trades at the moment is B.P.R.D. 

  52. I can’t wait for this book.

  53. Thank you edward… I look forward to pissing on them.

  54. The first panel of this book had better be Osborne getting smacked in the face by the shield. KADANG! If not, I’m gonna be pissed!

  55. This has been great comics.  4 small jam packed issues leaving me excited for the next issue each month.  I wish Marvel could have figured out this tweaked format before secret invasion.

  56. @Fracal514: you’re like a villian out of Melrose Place. You’re the catty blonde. i like it

  57. THis ended up being pretty good.  I think the closer Osborn gets to being outside of the limelight the happier I am with the marvel state of affairs.


  58. oh heck yes!! loved this issue. next one is going to be so awesome

  59. Although I stopped reading Avengers business after the whole Secret Invasion letdown, I’ve got to say I’ve really enjoyed Seige.  Olivier Coipels’ art is bonafide badass!  The pages with Thor vs Sentry were my favorites in the book but I must admit I also loved seeing Osborne finally getting his.  Anyone else think Phobos will be the one to take down Bob?  Other than this series, Sentry has been a huge puss and I’d imagine the God of Fear should be able to whip his ass.

  60. I dug this issue. Gonna reread before i rate it, but its definatly a 4*.


    My only complaint is, because of the supplimental material at the end, it felt lacking. Seemed really short. Wish there was more comic and less bonus material, but the extra "chapter" was still really interesting.

  61. WOW!  this kicked SO much ass!  from "Toldja" to the double page spread of Asgard crumbling, so much to like here.  but my favorite part:

    I’ve read quite a bit of Silver-Age Iron Man and Avengers and I feel like the two pages where the nephew of Quicksilver delivers Tony Stark his briefcase was written specifically for me. 

  62. This is was quite good, and for me, a big step up over the first two issues. However, the real star was Copiel’s art more than anything. Some really excellent panel work and great splashes. 5/5 for me. Could have been my POTW, but GLC played more to my interest in characters and Brave and the Bold was just awesome. One hiccup I had with the issue was the scene between Speed and Tony. Something about it felt off. (I also don’t see Tony calling anyone "Son" like an old man) But a small blip in an otherwise pitch perfect comic. Where was this Bendis during House of M and Secret Invasion?

  63. Great issue, but I’m not that familiar with marvel lore… what is that… a spider?

  64. I really liked this issue.  After the slow start in issue #1 the last two have been comics gold.  Now if Bendis will just kill the Sentry next issue this will wrap up on a high note.

  65. This was awesome. “How many gods do I have to kill today?” Best line in comics since fury compared gods hammer in Secret Invasion. Coipel is quickly becoming marvels best artist. He is on time, and amazing in his presentation.

  66. @loki2486 that’s The Sentry or actually the Void

  67. Coipel is amazing.  Who do I have to kill to get DC to trade Legion Lost?

  68. The best thing about this (other than the art) was that my hopes have been raised for a Sentry-death in issue 4.  I look forward to next month when that doesn’t happen and I get pissed off.

  69. @RoiVampire: I know that’s the ‘void’, but what is it?  Just another super bad-ass omnipotent being that popped out of nowhere?

    Well, Bendis does like to use these convenient omnipotent beings to advance a story.  So far we have the molecule man, comic cube, and that Voldemort-ish inhuman, now we have this ultimate omnipotent-supreme void-dude.

    I know that this is a comic book story and all, but if people knew about how powerful, destructive, and unstable Bob was (and this is before the void-thing reveal), why didn’t they tried to neutralized him?  They shot the hulk into space, surely they would have the same concern of unstable-crying Bob.

    Finally, wow the asgardians are getting punked and b-slapped all over the place by mere mortals.  First Doom used them as lab rats, then  H.A.M.M.E.R along with a few super baddies did what eons of frost giants and hellish demons could not – invade, breached, and ultimately destroyed asgard.  Asgardians were getting cut down by conventional weapons as if they were humans.  Looking at the battle scenes in #2 and #3 issues, there appears to be no difference between asgardians and human soldiers other than one was wearing fur.

    Where’s the OdinForce? 

  70. @loki2486  Well the void didn’t really pop up out of nowhere since he was introduced in the first sentry mini back in 2000. he’s been a part of the character since the character appeared 10 years ago

    as for why he wasn’t neautralized, well they tried. Both Sentry mini’s were about failed attempts at trying to shut him down for good. The reason no one’s tried again is because the first two failed. I mean if Reed Richards, the Avengers and Dr. Strange can’t figure out how to stop you chances are it’s gonna take more than rocketing you into space like they did with the Hulk. Not even Dr. Doom knows how to take on the Sentry.

  71. @RoiVampire: I’m not that well verse in the Marvel U, they tried to shut him down, like neutralizing his powers or shut him down like throwing him into another dimension, putting a bullet in his head, or willing him out of existence?  Didn’t they (marvel heroes) decided to kill the scarlet witch because she was too unstable and powerful, how did they kill her?

    So basically we have an ‘Irredeemable’ situation in the marvel universe.

  72. @loki2486 Well the first time they tried they pulled a massive magic and science mojo on the whole planet, Bob included, to make them forget the Sentry ever existed and thus erase the concept of the void from Bob’s memory. The second time they attempted to trap bob in his own psyche making him believe he was cured of the void and didn’t have to be the sentry anymore. You really should read the first mini as its a wonderfully written book and a very cool story that anyone who has a passing knowledge of marvel can enjoy. Seriously my cousin had only seen the spider-man movies and the x-men movies and he loved the first Sentry mini from 2000

  73. and, Sentry as a good guy was such a wonderful idea because of his power level that they kind of took him for granted.  they basically said, "well, he could snap at any moment, but if we just get him to keep it all inside, he could be a big help."  this was the philosophy Tony, Reed, and Norman all seem to have been going under.  also, Bob wants to be a hero, he likes the power.  the void likes the power too, but the void just wants to fuck shit up.

    and in Dark Avengers, Lindy, Bob’s wife, did try to shot him in the head. 

  74. @Loki yeah I hate the random omnipotent being but the void coming out has been a well done slow burn hell the whole dark avengers series has basically served to show this burn and Osborne trying to contain it. If you are curious about the build u it may be worth the time to pick it up. It has been a good series (not great but good) and the last few issues have bben a real high note in the series (14 and 15 especially)

  75. I don’t think this is the Void.

    In my opinion that story angle would be played out.

    I think when this all ends, there will be some final twist into what has turned the Sentry evil.

  76. Maybe Loki’s possessing him.

  77. This was a fun solid issue. Doomwar pwned it though especially with its final page.

  78. Yeah, Loki has been suspiciously absent since like the first issue.

  79. Funny that the Sentry is a huge part of what kept me from enjoying Dark Avengers, and now the waits between Siege issues are hard to bear because of the Sentry


  81. No he doesn’t suck and please turn off your capslock.

  82. The epicness of this is amazing. I bet when they kill the void Bob will survive and cut his hair to be Marvelman.

  83. This was so much fun. This reminds me of the superhero comics I was reading when i first got into comics and it just makes
    me super pumped for the heroic age.

  84. A bit too fast. I wanted to linger on some moments. It seems that they have beaten them easily.

  85. If you notice in Dark Avengers 15 when The Void shows up, everyone except Loki says anything. I think this would really play on the idea that The Void doesn’t exist, as well as explain how The Void was around in biblical times since Loki would have been around then too.

  86. @sammorgan lol

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