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  1. Story by Moore, art by Campbell, set in Victorian times?  I’ve heard a pitch like this before.



  2. Dynamite releasing a comic book about one of the greatest fictional characters ever written, yeah, I think i’ll but this first issue.

  3. This will either be incredibly awesome, or a giant snoozefest.  I love Sherlock and Victorian England, so here’s hoping for the former!

  4. I’m hoping I enjoy this as much as I do The lone Ranger!

  5. How many people saw the advertising for this and thought:

    ‘Moore?….as in Alan Moore? Sweet!’….Then you read who is actually on it….

    All joking aside I am looking forward to this. Hopefully my LCS gets it.

  6. Trade Waitin’!

  7. Preview was what you would expect but good. If I wasn’t so broke already, I would buy.

  8. Hmm…this will be a game time decision.

  9. I just read the first two Sherlock Holmes stories Doyle wrote and thought they were fantastic. I am very excited, though I’d wager it will be very slow moving (but good!) like Zorro and The Lone Ranger have been.

  10. I quite liked the Dr. Who story Leah Moore wrote so I bet I’ll enjoy this.  I kinda wish someone had begged Michael Chabon to do this.

  11. I went on Wednesday to pick this up and the shop had sold out already (3:30 in the afternoon!).  Have to wait for the reorder…

  12. This was quite good. Very dense. And, my good man, I love they way the speak.

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