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The battle for New York begins as battle lines are drawn and war forges strange allies. Luck Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Moon Knight and…Kingpin?! Plus, a dangerous new player enters the battle, one that could win the fight…or damn all of New York!


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  1. Well that’s an unfortunate cover…

  2. how so?

  3. Wasn’t Punisher supposed to be involved with this? What gives?

  4. @Slockhart Yes the covers for all of the shadowland books don’t do justice to the interior art. Isn’t the point of a cover to draw people in? Not to scare them away. Just don’t look at the #3 cover.

    @SirCox He is featured prominently on the #3 cover but its not a very good cover. Also I don’t think he has a tie-in issue either. Probably the only one who doesn’t. 

    Still excited for this. Even though I am terrified of all this New Man Without Fear business.  I mean come on Marvel. Daredevil has been published every month since his creation with few exceptions. Even the beginning of volume 2 was just a meaningless renumbering. 

  5. @Minion- except for the decades when the book was bi-monthly, but I suppose your sentiment stands.

  6. @ABirdseysView Yeah but every comic at Marvel has had that.

  7. Just when I’m feeling at ease with the Diggle run, this gets shoved in. It feels so forced it’s untrue. He turns up in a black suit talking like a mindless twat and we’re then treated to a back page check list of seemingly throw away tie-ins that takes us through to November. It’s not off to a great start for me. As a comic fan you know you’ll bad bad books but this one was good only 6 weeks ago.

  8. I would like to add that I did not mean to say “bad bad books” then again if the shoe fits. Buy books of course.

  9. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    oh. it was totally clear Templar17. I’ve got reservations, too. It’s, like, I’ve really liked the art, with the reds and blues, going on in Daredevil, and the rumors around this seem earth-shattering, but the complete checklist is just too intimidating. How much will this thing cost in the end? Great cast of Marvel characters involved, but I feel like I’ll get burned on a few of the ancillary books. I really shouldn’t be so sour. I love the aesthetics of this, like the devil horns the Hand ninjas are sporting. 

  10. Im out

    When I heard in an interview that the last page of Shadowland would ‘shock me’ I instantly knew exactly what it would be, right down to the pose (I’ll avoid saying it here for spoiler reasons)
    As funny as it was to be completely on the money its kinda depressing to have this perfect blend of predictablity, empty nostalgia and pointless violence stuck in my mind.

    Maybe Im being overly sensitive, but I dont need more comics like Shadowland in my life.

  11. @pymslap I’ll tuck into DD 508 today and try this 2nd issue but it’s hard not to go in negative.

  12. I can’t take this shit. I love Daredevil, but the last issue was just way to predictable for me. Maybe if I hear about some amazing turn around in this story it’ll get another go, but as of now, dropped.

  13. This was good but it wasn’t really great. I’m still onboard though. Moon Knight and Ghost Rider were the best parts.

  14. I kind of liked the first issue of Shadowland.  I can see how Matt could justify finally taking out Bullseye, even taking over Hell’s Kitchen if he felt like it was the only way to keep people safe, but he’s so over the top in this issue that it’s obvious this is going to be explained away by possession or mind control or some other ridiculous thing.  It’s too bad, because after Dark Reign went on waaaaay to long the last thing we need in the Marvel U is more dark-for-the-sake-of-dark storytelling.  I thought we were supposed to be in a Heroic Age here?  

  15. @SirCox  maybe he’s the new player their talking about

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