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In 1916, a boy runs away from home in search of his father. But along the way he meets a salesman with sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh.

SCOTT SNYDER (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN, SWAMP THING), SCOTT TUFT and ATTILA FUTAKI (NYT Best-Selling-Artist: PERCY JACKSON) comes the most terrifying horror series of the year. Be there for the thrilling conclusion.

Art & Cover by ATTILA FUTAKI

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. word is we might be getting more Severed after this arc wraps! lets hope. – this book is awesome

  2. Waiting on this hard. I’m going to read them all between today and tomorrow.

  3. Very curious to see how this ends. Damn it’s a good book. Will get this in hardcover too when it’s released.

    • just curious….why do you want it in monthly floppys and hardcover? i like it too, but it’s one or the other me.

    • Where the hardcover at??

    • @sitara

      I’m impatient. So when I try something out I stick with it in floppies. But then when it’s really good I’ll get it in trades. Sits nice and easy on the shelf, so then when I want to read it again it’s right there and I don’t have to search for it in a box, unpack it from it’s bag (7x in this case), before I can read the whole story.

      I guess I do need to sell some stuff because I have it double…

    • hardcoves look nice on a shelf but you cant beat a 1st print single copy in a complete collection – its how it was ment to be…..

    • Parri (@pazzatron) says:

      I’m reading digitally but will buy the collected hardcover for the shelf.

  4. Oh man….this is going to be gory and fucked up isn’t it? I mean the guy DOES have a missing arm in the first issue…

  5. I am never, ever going to be able to sleep again.
    All hail Scott Snyder, the new king of horror.

  6. Solid end to a really fantastic comic. The art was a little wonky for me but in the end this was a great comic. I hope we see a second volume of this series….I mean the thing practically ends BEGGING for another volume.


  7. Finally read it, it was a very satisfying conclusion, I can’t wait to get the delux hardcover when it comes out.

  8. This was a good issue, but it was kind of disappointing in that I really didn’t like the supernatural twist here. It kind of ruined the character for me. I don’t want this guy in every arc of Severed. I would much rather get different horror stories with similar themes or something. It was just a really cliche horror ending. It’s less interesting when I know the main villain is just gonna survive every arc.

  9. I have to give this a 4/5, even though I really liked it. I didn’t mind the “twist” as some are calling it. Maybe it was just the ravings of a sick mind, or meant to strike fear and hopelessness into his victim. My problem was how abrupt the “modern” ending of the book was. It felt rushed, like it should have been longer, but was forced to be cut down due to the previous story in the past. I’ve noticed this in a lot of short stories, particularly horror ones, where the end seems very abrupt. Maybe it’s supposed to leave you feeling that way, where the situation is unresolved, and that’s the horrific part – there is no answer. But those always seem unfinished to me.

  10. nice story. i really wanted to see that twisted son of a bitch get his in the end. for this reason, after the catharsis, i was left feeling a little cheated. felt like a very stephen king type of ending to me. he’s an interesting enough character, however i wouldnt want to see him every arc. especially since we know he cant die.

  11. Complete B.S. The entire story was compromised by Snyder to turn this into an ongoing series. This could have been an incredibly powerful story and instead it was destroyed. Snyder may be the darling of comics right now, but I’m done with him. I feared this would happen the instant the series gained popularity and rumors started swirling of continued arcs. Weaksauce Scott.

    • How exactly do you know he changed the script? Also he hasn’t said on going he has said other arcs if I am not mistaken and finally he may simply be planning other horror stories and simply use the Severed name.

    • Because it was quite clear or he is a terrible writer. He stated from the beginning that this was a one shot deal before it got popular, there were zero supernatural aspects, the ending made perfect sense and would have been more climactic to end with the fire killing him and then the epilogue dealing with a now one-armed fiddle phenom unable to play again.

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