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In 1916, a boy runs away from home in search of his father. But along the way he meets a salesman with sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh.

SCOTT SNYDER (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN, SWAMP THING), SCOTT TUFT and ATTILA FUTAKI (NYT Best-Selling-Artist: PERCY JACKSON) comes the most terrifying horror series of the last year.

art / cover ATTILA FUTAKI

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  1. I don’t want this series to end!

  2. There will be a sequel! Or at least Snyder has said on twitter he has had mumblings of one with Tuft/Futaki in conversations.

    But yeah, let’s see how deep the hobo hole goes…

  3. As good as it gets.

  4. now that he knows that sick geezer is a liar, i wonder if fight/flight kicks in or if he’ll rationalize it and buy more bullshit

  5. I think the fan has been set up, now it’s time for the proverbial(?) shit. I’m excited to see how things play out, but admittedly bummed the ride is going to end soon.

  6. I feel the angst and ziety of being left behind. Missed out on this series. Will p/u in trade for sure.

  7. I’ve cursed aloud some choices made by artists and writers on books before (“Really?.. REALLY?”) but this issue marks the first time I’ve EVER screamed at a fictional character.

    “GO! GET OUT! COME ON–*”

    I slapped both hands over my mouth. Did that just happen?
    Then I looked at the book. Did THAT just happen?

    My pick of the week. I’ve been totally sucked into the world.

    • Fuck yeah!! I was thinking the same thing reading the final 2-3 pages!! Damn it if he gave me hope Jack was going to be all safe and sound!
      Also panel of the week…when Jack gets his knife, gets out of the car and says “Lets do this”

  8. Wow, I am really creeped out.

  9. Saving this one for bed time.

  10. My stomach is still in knots. This is beyond perfect.

  11. frightfully delightful, yet predictable

  12. This was fantastic. Terrifying, but so satisfying now that Jack knows something is up with his “friend.” I’m glad he’s using his head some, even though at the end of the book things look pretty dire.

    The art is perfect in this one. Great pencils, wonderful colors, and interesting layours. I loved how on page 2 the panels cut the killer’s face in half, where the narration talks about people having two faces. And the two-page layout with the slash across it, very symbolic. Jack’s crossed a line by revealing what he knows to the killer. I loved how the art emphasizes so much. Some of the colors, like at the sunset, were beautiful.

    This has been a great book. Hope we get a sequal!

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