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That’s the sound I make when I’m out at the club.


That’s the sound I make when I read this comic.

I swear this series is going to give me a massive heart attack by the end of it. The tense was built up not once but twice in this issue and I had no idea where it was gonna go. Snyder and Tuft are just making this one hell of a great horror series and I wish it wasn’t ending next month.

Without getting too spoilery I will say that Snyder/Tuft really loves to make children feel threatened. Whether it’s Jack fighting his way out of the woods or the unsettling ending; you gotta feel bad for the poor guy. Of course all of it is his fault because, like any kid, is monumentally stupid at the wrong times. I would like to know though how this serial killer is able to know so much about the kid considering the ending. But I’m sure we’ll get more into it next month and I have good possibility to think he might be a monster.

Last issue, Attila Futaki got himself a new colorist which changed the series for me. Not in a bad way, but I had to get used to the slightly new style that came with it. This comic now feels a bit more gritty and dirty when you read it. Possibly because of how darker each issue has gotten or that colorist Greg Guilhaumond uses a brown filter throughout the issue. There are certainly some pages in this that would be the ‘jump in the air’ moment when watching a movie. The serial killer with his real teeth might be one of the worst things (in a good way) I’ve seen in a while. If anything I hope this series gives Futaki a lot more work down the line cause he has certainly earned it.

Considering how this series started you know what’s in store for Jack in the final issue. But that doesn’t mean I want to see it because if this issue is anything like next month it’s going to be depressing and scary as fuck. But give Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft credit, this has turned into a nice lark of a mini to one of the scariest comics in the last couple of years. Certainly the scariest I’ve read in my lifetime. Attila Futaki’s horrifying but gorgeous pages certainly doesn’t help in the long run. But the pants wetting is just a mere downside to what has been a great comic book.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. My POW!! I have a hunch he had a hand in Jack’s father’s demise(maybe assumed his identity for a while)

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