Acclaimed writer/actor/comedian Patton Oswalt (The Goon, Batman, JLA, Dollhouse, Ratatouille) brings back one of Firefly’s most beloved characters in this special spotlight issue!

Always ready with a brilliant aerial maneuver and a terrible one-liner, Wash was pilot of the Firefly-class ship Serenity in Joss Whedon’s cult-classic TV series before being killed in the movie. Float Out includes three brand-new stories of Wash in a series of exciting smuggling raids, each providing a hair-raising escape or daring last-minute rescue! Featuring a cameo that will leave Serenity fans reeling, this special one-shot presents new tales of the Serenity universe’s past and tantalizing hints about its future!

Acclaimed writer/actor/comedian Patton Oswalt pens Serenity!

Writer: Patton Oswalt
Artist: Patric Reynolds
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Jo Chen

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. Patton Oswalt…interesing.

    I miss Serenity enough to give this a try. Plus there’s no Buffy this month. Clever Dark Horse, well played.

  2. I dunno about Oswalt, but a comic all about Wash? You made this just for me, didn’t you, Dark Horse? Don’t lie…

  3. Patton Oswalt is an interesting choice, but honestly with Wash on the cover – for better or worse – I’d probably buy this if it was written by a monkey.

  4. So excited for this! I agree about Patton Oswalt being a interesting choice for writer. He seems like he has the right kind of humor for this book though.

  5. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I love Patton’s standup. Did you see on his blog where he busted another comic for stealing his material? He posts his correspondence between he and the thief. He’s a good writer. I think he’s working on a novel, too.

  6. Meh. Not as good as I thought it was going to be. Are we going to be getting the further adventures of the Serenity crew? I figured we would be with that last page reveal.

  7. Two words for this book: Epic Fail.

  8. I think I gasped out loud when I realized how badly this comic sucked. That realization came on page three.

  9. I love Patton and i love Serenity.This comic is summed up in one big "Meh"

  10. This might be one of the most boring comics I’ve ever read. I’ve seen every episode of Firefly multiple times, with commentary tracks and everything and a lot of this book just seemed "made up." Like he was just throwing words out to see if they sounded ok. Jesus this was a chore to get through, which pains me because I love Patton’s stand up and i love this universe. Damn awful.

  11. Huh, I guess I read a different issue. I really enjoyed it and it made me miss Firefly even more. I would read a post-Serenity Firefly series because that was a great last page.

  12. One thing Fallen Sun had going for it that this didn’t have? The characters telling the tale in Fallen Sun were familiar.  In this one-shot, Oswalt spent 20 pages introducing us to three characters I don’t care about and a ship that I really don’t care about, three tales of how cool Wash was and then 2 pages of Joss tipping his hat to Firefly fans with the reveal at the end. My main problem with stories like this is that the stories have no weight. There’s no way Wash gets killed or incapcitated so there’s no suspense. If I get two whits about the characters telling me about these events, maybe the book would have rated higher than 1/5 for me.

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