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  1. Just seeing this made me check to see if the weirldy huge amount of pulls this books #1 got on here resulted into sales… so I just looked it up and it was #19 for the month of Feb with 57,694 sales.  Obviously Hickman is a bigger with the Ifanbase then the general comic populace but still no slouch. 

     This book particular aside, I get really depressed when I see a top 20 book barely pushing out 58,000 copies. *Sigh*

  2. I’m still set on giving this series a full two arcs. 

  3. I’m loving it so far, the second issue both hickman and caselli seemed more comfortable so lets hope they heep it up

  4. You know what, I can remember enjoying the first two issues, but I can’t quite recall what happened in them. 

  5. I love that he brought back the Gorgon.  To my knowledge he hasn’t existed outside of the Wolverine: Enemy of the State storyline?

  6. If my store has Issues 1 and 2 I’ll probably pick this up, if not I’ll get the trade then start reading monthly from there.

  7. I’m gonna second kndoubleu

  8. This has been pretty good so far. I’m on for now without a doubt.

  9. @Cutty-Yeah, I’m pretty sure thats the only place he has been. 

    I very much enjoyed the book.  Hope it keeps up the sweetness

  10. I’m tempted but last issue I decided to drop due to the supernatural angle. I was promised a spybook and was hoping for a spy book. I’m getting a supernatural intrigue book.

    Yeah, I’m done. You guys enjoy yourselves!

  11. I’m pretty sure its still a spy book with superhero elements in it. 

  12. Sorry, resurection rituals aren’t very spy-ish to me. Just not my thing.

  13. I decided not to buy this issue when I realised my fav thing about issue 1&2 were the Jim Chung covers. Which were only 1/2 page!

  14. why do people dislike STEFANO CASELLI? i think he’s pretty gosh darn talented

  15. @ed – I like him a lot too.  I’d rather this book have a Sean Phillips type of artist though.  Caselli was perfect for The Initiative book

  16. Sean Murphy would be pretty sweet on this.

  17. @ Edward – I don’t unterstand either. When i first opened SW #1 (my first exposure to Caselli) i was blown away. I thought it was great. Yeah, he draws the characters really "muscley" but, so beautiful.

  18. I thought the second issue was a bit weak, so I’m a little nervous for this one. I’m giving this until the end of the arc to really wow me. I’m hoping for the best. Love Hickman and really enjoy Casselli’s work. Maybe they’re just not a great team.

  19. Caselli is one of my favorite artists.

    I dropped this last issue . . .

  20. i have to say i like the way Caselli draws muscles and his characters. In a certain context superheroes should be this hyper-realistic, sexy, muscled ideal. not every comic has to deconstruct the genre or be a grimy realistic portrayal of superheroes

  21. Pretty good issue.  I really don’t know if I’ll stick around after this arc though.  Its fun, and entertaining, but it just doesn’t stick with me after reading it.

  22. I really liked this one. And I the ending was pretty awesome. I think the addition of some mean old men would make this team a little cooler. In fact I have very little interest in this current team. Phobos seems like he might be interesting, and I like Daisy’s role, and Yo-Yo might have some potential after what happened to her this issue. other than that, there isn’t much going on there. Hopefully things will improve on that front.

  23. This issue was great and the series as a whole has been great! But it left me wanting to know more abou the future of Phobos!

  24. Wasn’t Contessa a skrull?  Wasn’t that revealed in one of the side stories to SI?  Or am I confusing her with someone else??

  25. forget about the hydra-ninja-thing fight, the best thing about this was seeing Nick Fury bares his heart to his old flame (who was that anyhow?) i’m such a sucker for the old tough guy letting the facade fall. (that’s also what the ladies like about me, not really)

    I also liked Fury telling J.T. his isn’t scared by mean looks. I’m starting to really like Fury. He’s like John Wayne, James Bond, Don Drapper and my cranky old ww2 vet grand-dad. That’s awesome

    This is getting better and the art was fantastic.

  26. Loving this book. It has the feel of one of those modern day martial arts Hong Kong movies…

  27. I’m enoying it – and I feel like it is slowly building to something very interesting.

  28. is this a 6 issue arc?

  29. @MisterJ: Contessa was revealed to be a skrull, infact Fury discoved the Skrull Invasion by following Contessa after one of their "get-togethers" *wink wink*. I believe he ended up killing the skrull. I assume Contessa returned w/the rest of the kidnapped people, or was in hiding during the Invasion.

    @edward: The contessa is an old flame/spy associate of Fury’s.

  30. @Ntpmcrtp

    Thanks, I thought I remembered that.  I just wish they had thrown in a line of dialogue to reference that, though.

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