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  1. What? Nicola Scott isn’t doing interiors? This better not be permanent!

  2. Ok im still confused, is this an on-going or what??? It was suppose to be 6 issues right??

  3. @Aquaman

    Yeah it is an ongoing. The past efforts were minis and they did well enough to warrant an ongoing.


    The solicit for issue 9 has Scott back so big sigh of relief there for me to.

  4. Aww, I totally didn’t notice that she wasn’t doing the art for this issue.  Hmm, hope its up to the quality I’m used to with this title

  5. Dammit this was a great issue!! "save the monkeys!"

  6. That was just fantastic!!!  One of the best issues in the series so far.  Simone rocks on this book.  I missed Scott’s pencils, but the fill-in artist did a good job.  I can’t remember the last time I loved a fill-in issue this much.

    Save the monkeys!  Doody!!

  7. I wanna be on this date. I would have ridden in the trunk with you-know-who.

  8. @Ameliadaz-with the bent little castrated corndog??

  9. It’s always the best book I pull. I’m a Green Lantern Fanboy but this beat GL for just pure pleasure.

  10. I’d be perfectly happy if this book cut down on the action by half and replaced it with just hanging out stuff like in this issue.

  11. I want to make sweet love to this book.

  12. For some reason I didn’t buy this. It will be mine come next week, for sure.

  13. This is one of the best books out there deserves alot more recognition !

  14. Man, I fucked up =( I didn’t pick this up because I didn’t like the art when I flipped through it in the store. Now I see it’s been getting hot reviews all over & everyone here seems to have dug it. I’ll have to cop it next week! Sorry Gail Simone, sorry Deadshot, sorry Catman, sorry Gary Coleman …. *trails off*

  15. This issue didn’t even get half as many pulls as Battle for the Cowl or Green Lantern yet it has (at this point) a 7 point lead in pick of the week status.

    We (by that I mean I) are begging you iFanboys, please show this book some love. I know you have said you don’t care for Gail Simones past work but please give this a shot.

    Connor gave Hulk a chance and liked it. I think if one of you guys did the same with this book on the first trade we might have a similar outcome.

  16. @Parker — I wouldn’t worry about it, mate. This book is already very highly praised by comic sites all over the internet (including by the iFanbase — still leading the POTW user %). I think mostly everyone already knows how good this book is.

  17. @WadeWilson

    I hope so. I just don’t want to have another Manhunter letter writing campaign on our hands.

  18. Excellent book. Miss Nicola’s art, but the fill-ins were really pretty good too.

  19. If I looked correctly, this book had the highest percentage of people picking this as "Pick of the Week"  That’s Cool!

  20. i love this so much. i didnt even notice the change in art. its so good since issue one and im glad this had a high percentage of pickage

  21. Great one-shot, I love Gail Simone’s writing and she has such a wonderful grasp on these characters.  Loved the bathroom scene and I loved Ragdoll’s alarm clock!

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