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  1. Sexy Catman!!  Wasn’t a fan of last issue, but still love this series.  Junior is hot

  2. Sexy Catman and bad taste galore!!

  3. Their looks of terror are beacuse of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man destroying the city

  4. End of the first arc, and probably the end for me. Great book though. Gotta make room for all the Cowl crap coming down the pipeline.

  5. STILL loving this. i cant wait for this whenever the new issue comes out.

  6. Why are you dropping a "great book" for "crap", uberlush? =)

  7. "Bad taste galore"? Is Junior gonna do some naked break dancing or something?

  8. alright the end. did anyone else think the last issue was suppose to be the end and she milked it for seven issues

  9.  @cyberauron

    um…no i do no think that….they havent even gotten the card back to the mad hatter . how can it end??? I see alot more story here.

  10. Simone has been saying that the story was supposed to be 7 issues long for a while now.  But she could have been made to stretch it because she had to add the Origins and Omens backup in the last issue.  No way of really knowing until we get the final issue tomorrow and see how it is

  11. I thought this got hard to follow in the middle. Took me out of the story, so nothing at the end really had any impact for me.

  12. Scott’s art looks better and better every issue. I thought this looked real good. Meanwhile Simone’s lost me. Started strong, ended with a whimper. It’s been fun.

  13. I really liked this, and am satisfied with the ending…mostly.  I still don’t think they would forgive Dead shot so quickly, or that they didn’t figure out the same thing Tarantula did.  Still, a great ending to a great book.  And I wish Hatter and Ragdoll could just be friends

  14. I can buy them forgiving Deadshot since they realized he was ditching them so they wouldn’t get killed in the onslaught of villains.  After all…there was only one card, so if he was going to spare them, he needed the card to make sure he didn’t burn for his past sins…

    I was very satisfied…good book.  One of the very few DCs I buy.

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