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I continue to write reviews on Secret Six in hopes that the iFanboys will take notice and start getting one of the most enjoyable and best-written books DC is putting out.  This week we saw the end of the first arc.

Gail Simone is a fantastic writer; everything from the first arc is tied up and done so in a grand finale of death and heroics.  We see more and more how much this team is willing to do anything for each other.  This issue proves that no matter how cutthroat they seem to be deep down they’re really family.  The last issue threw me off track with Deadshot and this one brought me back to loving that handlebar trailer trash murderer even more.

Also Bane finally stopped being sidelined in this issue.  His revival was very well done, it’s obvious that he loves Scandal, but not in the way that you think.  Regardless it continues to show that one team member, even one who hasn’t been around long, will commit to a last resort to save a teammate.

Hell we even see other teams come in at the last moment to save the Secret Six.  Huntress and The Birds of Prey show up to help out in the mass melee confusion that is going on.  Why?  Obviously the reason is Huntress doesn’t want Catman to die.

The end is of this arc was fun and upholds the air of humor this book excretes on a monthly occurrence.  I mean next month is titled Double Date, oh yes this should be good.

I’d like to go back to Gail Simone being a great writer.  This book shows that she knows how to write characters and action really well.  I even have to say that I may be picking up some of her other books, whatever she may be writing, on the sole basis of how this one has been doing.

I have to say that it saddens me that the iFanboy community hasn’t rallied behind this book as much.  Every month I hope that it will break the top five and every month it hopefully breaks the top ten.  Come on people this is by far one of the best Team books on the market.  I would have to say when Johns leaves JSA, this book will probably be the best team book being published.  Not just by DC.  Yes, I will go on record as making such a bold claim, that’s how much faith I have in the fact that you will indeed like this book.  If you don’t you can hop on twitter and send me hateful tweets on how I swindled you into reading such a terrible book.  For the others who stop by, you can thank me.  My twitter is jmstump.

I’m sorry, but the New Avengers wouldn’t go through the stuff these crazy people do for each other AND make it so entertaining.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Alright, Mr. Stump- I’ll see if i can get the first trade for cheap. Nice Rreview!

  2. Jstump!  I love this book.  And you sold someone on it!  Good.  Work.

  3. I’m so waiting for a week after the trade to come out and see my twitter slammed with hate tweets 😛

  4. I picked up the first  Secret Six trade and it is wonderful!   Gail Simone and Nicola Scott are not getting the recognition that they and this title deserve!

    Fantastic review Jstump! 

     P.S.  Gail Simone wrote the new Wonder Woman animated movie.  So far it is the best direct-to-dvd animated movie DC has done.  For those of you who have not seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out!

  5. That’s exactly what I had to say about the Wonder Woman DVD over at murmur.

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