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  1. Love this book.  Lets hope for some more awesome tomfoolery this time around

  2. Good times.  Not sold on the final member, but as long as Catman and Deadshot are there, and Simone is writing them, I’ll read this forever.

  3. Last time I’m pulling this for at least a while.

  4. @drakedangerz it the climax issue. Deadshot, catman and yes even bain have their backs to the wall so the only room left is for them to fight…, yes i cant wait

  5. Gave this series a shot on a whim initially, now one of the books I really look forward to. Junior and his two goons are great.

  6. I love this book. Good fun superhero comics mixed with funny shit & GREAT art (Aussie artist, woo!) — that’s a killer combo.

    One question though — who is the sixth member? I’m not the smartest dude in the room (even when it’s filled with chimpanzees) but I can only count five members. Is the sixth member secret? So it should really be called the Secret Sixth?

    Ok, sorry … that was more than one question. 

  7. @WadeWilson – General consensus says the sixth member is Jeanette. The chick with white hair featured prominatly in the last pages of the last ‘ish. The one tearing the arm off the shark-man guy.

  8. @WadeWilson-oh oh ah ah ah (I just insulted your mother)

  9. i love seeing all the obscure villains coming after the six.

  10. loved this freakin book.  Wasn’t happy about them just magically being out of the pickle they were left in last issue, but the rest of the issue more than made up for that let down.  Loved the twist at the end, that is one fugly woman!

  11. Man this was gooooood stuff. I loved when the shark was flapping his stump, Bane being badass, and the end reveal. Everyone has some good lines.

    Honey-dipped moist towllette, anyone?

  12. I was happy that one of the twins is dead.  Those guys are one of the only negative things I could say about this whole arc.  Weak sauce characters


    This book has everything — even flying prostitutes! 

  14. OK. Its official. Junior is one of the creapiest villans that I was ever created.

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