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It’s the bloody (and we mean bloody) conclusion to the “Cat in the Cradle” arc! Catman rages against those that have been trying to destroy his life. Will tensions within the Six force them to leave Catman to fend for himself? And is someone leaving the team? Let’s hope not!

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. Best storyline in this book for a while. Can’t wait to see how it ends and where Simone takes Catman after this wraps up.

  2. Have loved this storyline. Really fleshing out a nobody character with a terrible name into someone I really want to read more about. Dear Gail, please write this book forever.

  3. So, Chesire has lost two kids right?  Catman’s kid & Arsenal’s kid.  Rough year…

  4. SS continues to be the most underrated book out there IMO.

  5. The conclusion to this seemed a little rushed, but it was still every good overall!

  6. I’m just glad that it was finally acknowledged that Chesire had already lost Luan (sp?).  I would agree with the end being a little rushed.  

     "Took. Muh. Face."  HA…HA…HA!  Loved it! 

  7. Whuff. What a way to end this arc. Very heartbreaking. 🙁

  8. This whole arc has been very strong and I’ve loved learning about Catman’s origins. My only complaint is that the pacing at the end was incredibly rushed. A page with Chesire dealing with the loss a bit more would have been good. Overall still solid though.

  9. Great story. As others have noted, it’s a pleasure to read a book where a gifted writer can take a "B" character that nobody cares about and make them interesting and fleshed out. Man, Catman is more fucked up than Batman! Sort of two sides to the same coin. This is really a great book.

  10. My stylistic preference would have been to show a few less details of Catman "losing" his parents. It was horrible and drawing it out like that seemed like overkill for flashback character fill-in. It would also have opened up a page or two to help with the final pacing at the end, which did feel slightly rushed. But then again, I get paid exactly 0 dollars to write comics, so listen to me at your peril. Overall I found this arc astonishly awesome.

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