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  1. This one might have eclipsed X-Factor as my favorite team book.

  2. cover of the week


  3. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the last arc, but I preferred the one-and-done issues before it a litle more. It will be nice to get somewhat of the same thing this week. Very interested to see Ostrander writing Deadshot.

  4. This is probably the best place to ask.

    Is there any chance that the Suicide Squad series will be put into trade form? I want to read it in the worst way.

  5. There is apparently a Showcase Presents: Suicide Squad coming up next summer. Three cheers for DC’s flawed trade program.

  6. @Rusty: A Showcase (bummer) and I have to wait until June!?

    What the F— Didio?

  7. @TNC I always love it when people blame Didio for parts of the business he has nothing to do with. Trades are Bob Wayne’s job, ask him why this is supposed to make sense.

  8. @jxc: Oh……..What the F— Wayne?

  9. I thought this was pretty decent.  I read Secret Six, because I love team books so I really missed seeing the other five characters.

  10. This was really good stuff.  I like the team aspect of this book too, but thought this was a great spotlight issue.  Very excited to read Ostrander’s Suicide Squad issue in January.

  11. @Drake – Yeah, this book was excellent. Really excited for that one-off issue in January. 

  12. Didn’t realize Simone wasn’t writing this until I picked it up in store, & almost put it strait back on rhe shelf with true fanboy nerd-rage. Glad I didn’t though, because it was a pretty cool mini-origin type story. LOVE the cover too.

  13. PS- This issue contained TWO typos (or misprints?) & one C3-PO. Did you find em’?

  14. @WadeWilson "Everyone knows you loathes one another." "Guess they still don’t how you tried to kill him, mom.

  15. I was disappointed with no Simone or Scott. I don’t believe anyone else gets this team’s dynamic or character like they do.

  16. @ProjectX2- If you can name the C3-PO page too, you win a cookie.

  17. @Wade-Right after Bruce goes upstairs to bang the two hot chicks.  Now what sort of cookie is this that you speak of?

  18. I was planning on dropping this, didn’t and it showed up with the rest of my subs and i loved it. neat

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