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  1. I’ll be getting this just because it is SI. Anyone know what it is actually about?

  2. I think it has multiple stories, including some more about Captain Marvel.

  3. Stories about:
    Captain Marvel, Marvel Boy, Wonder-Man/Beast (70s skrull versions), Agent Brand, and Agents of Atlas.

  4. They had me at Agents of Atlas.  I will buy anything written buy Jeff Parker. 

  5. The grammar nazi in me wants to go to the comic shop tomarrow and scribble an "m" at the end of the "Who" on every issue on the rack. :-p

  6. If this is like the civil war tie they did then each of these stories will be a jumping off point for other on goings or minis.  My guess is:

    Capt. Marvel (ongoing)

    Marvel Boy (2nd mini)

    Wonder-Man/Beast (70s skrull versions), (one shot!?!?)

    Agent Brand (Part of a new SHIELD ongoing?)

    Agents of Atlas (mini)


  7. @capcool  I think Brand is most likely to show up in the X-men books, but the others sound likely.

    I have no idea what Agents of Atlas is!  Anyone?

  8. I did read the mini but my understanding is that they are the real old school comic charecters from I think was timely comics, brought up to date as a james bond secret world security group or some such thing.

  9. did this come out?

  10. ok so i am the first person to actuly read this issue.  ill say that it is rather good.  some of it i didnt understand because i never read agents of Atlas, and i didn’t know about S.W.A.R.D. (i dont know what it stands for but i guess its a space version of  SHEILD.)  the Wanderman/Beast takes place right in the middle of the fight in savege land, by far the best story (Please let cat beast be a skrull).  most of this book is some back ups and does not give any answeres.

  11. ha. the LAST thing we need is yet another beast running around.

    Coming Soon! Beast, Dark Beast, and Skrull-Beast in: Beast of the Beast! A knock-down-drag-out-last-man-standing-balls-to-the-wall-slugfest you’ve never seen before…at least not since the Spidey-Clone debacle…nevermind… 

  12. I thought this was reasonably entertaining.

  13. The Agents of Altas story alone is worth it.

  14. Just gave me more quesitons.

    Worth it! 

  15. This comic had some truly brilliant writing.  It’s hard to produce a complete and interesting story in only a few pages; I’d guess it’s even harder to do when you’re trying to write within the structure of a cross-over.  The stories in this comic all work as stand-alone shorts but also do a great job of adding to the Secret Invasion event at the same time.  The Agents of Atlas story is the kind of mood, tone and storyline that I wish I was seeing from the main Secret Invasion mini – perhaps the return of Fury will bring that.  The Agent Brand story was simple but provided a complete story, excellent background on the character, and served as an introduction to the next chapter in her role in the war against the Skrulls.  The Beast/Wonderman story was fun but sufficiently serious, the Marvel Boy story got me excited to read more about Marvel Boy (something I thought was impossible!), and the Captain Marvel story was the perfect bridge between the recent mini and his emerging role in both Secret Invasion and in Thunderbolts (post-Ellis).  Well worth the money, and a must-read for anyone following Secret Invasion!

  16. im thinking about picking up some more agents of atlas, this was a good intro to the team.

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