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  1. I never thought I’d pull a secret invasion: thor tie-in but Fraction’s been talking this up and I’m intrigued.


  2. Same here. I have been reading his Thor "one-shots" and really enjoyed them. Hopefully Fraction follows in the footsteps of Jason Aaron’s Black Panther with at great Secret Invasion tie-in book. Fraction got me reading Iron Man and Thor (2 characters I had never read before) so I will give this a shot.

  3. Yay for Mat Fraction and Yay for Thor. I’m excited to see the God of Thunder kick some Skrull ass.

  4. im so ready for beta ray bill to kick some ass, you really cant go wrong with that guy in my book

  5. Can someone enlighten me re: Beta Ray Bill?    What’s the deal with this guy?

  6. Beta Ray… he was a Simonson era character that looked really cool and had some of the same powers as Thor…but I can’t remember the story line. Yeah… can anyone help?

  7. check wikipedia. All I know is that he’s weird horse-thor, or at least that’s what he looks like. He’s an alien and He’s got a hammer and he’s a good guy.

  8. Beta Ray Bill was engineered as a protector of an Alien race but was outcast due to his ghastly appearance. Thor and him got in a fight, Odin was impressed, Odin made him his own hammer called Stormbreaker. Everybody wins.

  9. goat77’s 50 word synopsis is pretty damn accurate & succinct, worthy of the Marvel Handbook. For the full story, check out Thor Visionaries Walter Simonson Vol.1. Anyone else love to see the entire Simonson run on Thor collected into an omnibus?

  10. @goat77  Thanks!

    And I’m not where I can look up the link right now, but Matt Fraction’s wife Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote an appreciation of the Simonson Thor run (among other things) that ran on the Newsarama site within the last week.

  11. I love Fraction’s Thor books so far.  He gets Thor like few others.

  12. Im pretty new to comics and i have never seen Beta Ray Bill before this issue.  That said, I wanna see a lot more of him.

  13. This really isnt S.I. Thor its S.I Beta Ray Bill. Its great to see BBR back after so long (i dont count the omega flight mini) Also i havent been reading thor but this basically gets me up to speed in one issue now good for a tie in.

  14. You know, we should just keep JMS and Fraction on Thor forever. Quite frankly, I think they get the character and know how to write him. Perhaps, they know him just as well as Simonson. (There’s obviously some homages in this issue.) Some may complain that the main title is slow, but it feels like Thor in the real world and not another stock Super Hero book.

     And I’m always happy to see Beta Ray Bill in a book. But good job. SI Tie-Ins. So far they tie-ins have kicked the main book’s butt. And that’s sad. (Captain Britain, Thor, Runaways/Young Avengers. Black Panther, too, from what I hear.)

  15. this book was great!  i wanst going to pick up any of the tie-ins for SI but when i found out that BRB was in it i had to pick it up.  i became a fan after reading his mini a few years back.  i’ve never really been a thor fan but if his book is anything like this than i may have to start picking it up.  what i really want is more Beta Ray Bill.

  16. With regards to Beta Ray Bill, he is not the only alternate Thor. Although the details are sketchy, in the ’90’s (when I was a religious reader of all things Avengers/Iron Man/Cap/Thor/etc.), I recall a short run featuring the "Thor Corps". I remember loving the book, but I don’t remember the details. Can anyone help?

  17. This met and exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait for the next one. Might I also say the Beta Ray Bill looks BAD ASS. I have seen his character in the past and wondered about him, now I know (and knowing is half the battle…GI Joe).

  18. Holy shit. This book was awesome. Fraction is owning Thor right now. I can’t wait for #2.

  19. cman12 – you should hunt around and see if you can find the Stormbreaker mini that came out a few years ago. It came out in the wake of Thor’s cancellation and is basically Bill trying to save his people from Galactus. It’s a good read.

  20. This book was excellent! It really is a great sister book to JMS’ ongoing and is a perfect example of what an event tie in should be; at least an event in the mold of secret invasion. I think im now even more excited for Thor’s corner of the invasion than the rest of the event.

  21. brilliant art and writing … this is what an invasion story should be like!!!

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