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  1. Is this collecting the secret invasion issues that just came out?

  2. "Written by BRIAN REED Penciled by GG STUDIO’S MARCO CASTIELLO Cover by JUAN DOE As Skrull warships fill the skies, and heroes battle for their very survival in the Savage Land, the citizens of New York struggle to survive the worst day of their lives. Brian Reed (CAPTAIN MARVEL) and Marco Castiello bring you a stunning ground-level look at Secret Invasion!"

    Should I really be pulling this?

  3. Oh never mind then but I still will not be getting this.

  4. While Brian Reed is important to the Secret Invasion, being that he’s writing Captain and Ms. Marvel, I doubt this will be at all important to the story.  Actually, now that I think of it, Captain and Ms. Marvel aren’t very important so far either…

  5. cool cover, but no thanks.

  6. I’ve got this pulled for now but i’m gonna wait and see what others have to say about it first. No way am I being the guinea pig for this potential disaster.

  7. I really enjoyed Brian Reed’s Captain Marvel mini, so I think I’ll pick this up.

  8. Ya know, I’m feeling satified with the Secret Invaders stories I’m getting in all the Avengers titles, Capt. Britain & MI 13,  the main Event book, and SI: Fantastic Four. I haven’t found myself wanting even more Secret Invasion, so I’m gonna pass on this one.

  9. I’ll try it. Just because it’s Brian Reed.

  10. Pretty Cool cover. I didn’t really like the "Front Line" books from Civil War or World War Hulk. That said, I will check out the first issue and see what I think.

  11. This book is what a frontline book should be. No more whiny sally floyd and here drunken antics. Just a real down on the street view of what it would be like for the common man both at the start of a normal MU day and a day when shit starts to reign down from the sky.  The Avengers Museum alone was a pretty cool scene.  Nice job Reed. Definately do not judge this book by its predecessors. The only thing it has in common in Ben Urich and I think he is portrayed better here than the previous volumes.  Also very nice art.

  12. I agree with PhoenixFactor. The issue was a surprise to me. I didnt expect it to be so strong and me so entertained. The art was strong and Brian Reed brought in some cool characters and twists along the way.

  13. It was interesting, but not interesting enough. I don’t think I’ll be missing anything when I drop this title next month.

  14. Wow, you guys are no help at all.  I still can’t decide whether or not to pick this up.

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