Dark forces are at work in Hong Kong to reincarnate a great evil…but the Secret Avengers and that great evil’s son — SHANG CHI — are also on these dark streets! As is a new secret member of Marvel’s hottest covert Avengers team! By the all-star team-up of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato.


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  1. Best ongoing Avengers series. I hope that this arc focuses a little more on building the heroes though.

  2. Is this a new arc? I’m trying to give all the Avengers books a shot.

  3. @Slockhart: Second issue of a new arc, yes.

  4. Like this book, but not enough to keep paying 4 bucks for it. With regret, dropped.

  5. Agree, best Avengers book, great cast of character being built up right now, and an Asian male protagonist spotlighted.  Don’t know much about this Thorndrake or Prince of Orphans character, but can’t wait to see what the Nick Fury clone will do next.

  6. I still think this is the best Avengers book on the stands today.

    It looked like a lot of people agreed on Paul’s thread too. (Not saying it’ll win, but there was a lot more votes in favor of it then I expected)

  7. Hmmm, at 4 bucks an issue, I think I’ll just wait for the next arc to jump on. Or completely forget about this title before then. That seems more likely. 

  8. jumped off after 5 and never looked back. Is this book getting cancelled? i didnt see it in previews and Deodato is going on New Avengers if i read it right.

  9. Kung Fu Action Theater!  Hell yeah!

  10. I don’t know. I think a lot of my positive feelings (and maybe some of yours) are still based on the IDEA of this book. Especially the characters. We are 7 issues in and this book has been almost entirely about Steve Rogers and his cast of background support characters. Ant Man got a little love, but War Machine, Valkrie, Moon Knight, Black Widow, and Beast have just been given a handful of panels to say yes sir, Mr. Rogers. I like the idea of them acting like a covert team (as I saw in issue 1), but so far not so much. Maybe that will change. I think the Kung Fu is fun, anyway.

  11. @jimbilly – Interesting point.  I’m not sure that juggling a large cast is Brubaker’s strong suit.  From his brief time on UNCANNY, he didn’t really actively develop his entire team as much as he just used individual characters as it suited his story.  Not a bad thing, just an observation

  12. This Is one of the books that didn’t show up at the shop. Freakin diamond.

  13. dropping this book.

  14. I think I am done with this. The Max Fury special 2 issues ago got my hopes up but I don’t need to be reading this and X-Force. It’s the same itch but without the sense of dread that seems to permeate the new X-Force book.

  15. The arcs in this book seem to start great, but drift very quickly. I’ll stick it out a bit longer

  16. @ Peterparker18102… you need a new shop brother…. No DP and no secret Avs? what the hell.. What DID you get?!

  17. Was not thrilled with the first arc, but I am digging this new one. Has the feel of an avengers story while keeping the team in the shadows. Still not as good as Avengers Academy, but better than New and Avengers.  Only thing I did not love about this issue was awesome Moon Knight on the cover and no where was he to be found!

  18. Deodato’s stuff in this has never been better, loved Valkyrie bitch-slapping that guy with her sword.

  19. WTF was that putting Moon Knight front n center on the cover?! He hasn’t even been in the book since the start. Great issue though. Am glad Brubaker hasn’t abandoned great characters he used in other great books he’s written such as John Steele (Marvels Project) & the Prince Of Orphans (Immortal Iron Fist).

  20. This issue did nothing for me. I like the idea if a team with beast, moon knight, Valkyrie and ant-man but it seems like this characters get no play. This feels like a cap book with cameos. It’s in the brink of getti g dropped. The story thus far hasn’t done anything for me.

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