What hides in the depths of the red planet? How does it link to the Shadow Empire lurking behind the scenes in America for nearly 150 years? And will our heroes be able to save one of their own? The Secret Avengers duo Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato bring the action.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.9%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Oh Djurdjevic. Where would we be without you?

  2. We’d be in the crapper with DC, that’s where!  😉

  3. For the last year I’ve been losing interest in Marvel, but if this book can keep the quality I’ll have a Marvel book in my top three again (currently Flash/GL/Batman and Robin).

    The first two issues of this have been fantastic!

  4. @Zeppo Agreed. This is the Brubaker I know and love from his early Cap run.

  5. I am thinking that I need to get myself a Serpent’s Crown. I used to think there was just one and that AIM and HYDRA and SHIELD were constantly fighting over it. What a hassle. But now I know there are more than one, I think I’ll go out and get one. It would look very snazzy as I sit upon my throne of skulls.

  6. Still not sold on this. Something just doesn’t seem quite right with the team dynamic so far. I love Brubaker as much as the next guy, but he hasn’t hit the stride right out of the gate I was expecting.

     Once NOVA has a proper role explored I think that’s when the series will take a life onto it’s own, as it stands I would drop Beast and bring someone… anyone else into the team, he is fustrating me royally. 

  7. Dang, hating on beast?

  8. Can’t wait to learn why Sharon’s not dead or captured???

  9. This and Thunderbolts are just classic classic Marvel

  10. This series really sold me on Brubaker. Exactly the kind of stuff you could expect from Eisner awardee for best writer. Plus a great artist as well in Deodato. 

  11. I have been a Marvel guy for a long time but this new book along with Thunderbolts have just not clicked with me. I will finish the arcs out but don’t really see myself continuing with Bolts or Secret Avengers.

  12. If I could have co-POTW then it would go this. Also, this issue definitely delivers as being:

    THE BEST AVENGERS BOOK PERIOD. Or at least the best book with ‘Avengers’ on the title.

    So much fun with this. The action, the suspense, the intrigue; all handled beautifully with Brubaker. You throw in some Deodato artwork, in the vein as Neal Adams no less, and you got yourself one fantastic comic book. Don’t slip away from this title cause Brubaker/Deodato is delivering the goods!


  13. I decided after reading this issue that I’m going to stop picking this up for the time being. It’s not that I don’t like this series, as it’s written well. It’s an interesting set-up, but there isn’t really much to grab me and keep me interested beyond that. I had the same problem with Slott’s run of Mighty Avengers, as I really liked the first issues that gave everything a clever setting, but the writting after that was just kinda lack luster. I’ll probably go back and pick up these issues in the future at a con or at the back issue bin of my LCS, but I won’t be picking up #4 and onward. Luckily, there’s still New Avengers to showcase some awesome Avengers action.

  14. Something about Brubaker and Deodato on this title is running a bit cold and slow for me. I’ve never really been a deodato fan and while the premise, setting, and overall team dynamic are unique, I can’t justify continuing this in  a monthly format.

    Had the same feeling about Brubaker’s Marvels Project. He’s a slow build writer and reads better in trades IMO.

    Avengers Academy, New Avengers and Hawkeye & Mockingbird are staying in the cut for me.

  15. Hmm, this sort of brought the momentum down quite a bit. Too much exposition. I like that the Fury angle is finally coming in to play though.

  16. Did anyone get a ‘Jonah Hex’ vibe from the opening pages?

  17. @TNC I think I did, but I didn’t recognize it as a Jonah Hex vibe ’cause I don’t read the book. 🙂 That said, I agree with pretty much everything you said about the book’s quality.



  18. it’s funny how tastes work for different people.  the slow build is exactly why I love reading Brubaker books in issues.

  19. I think underwhelming is the best word for this book. While I love Hickman’s slow build in SW, FF, and SHIELD; Brubaker just isn’t delivering for me here. I really want to like this and I’m going to stick it out at least through next issue if not next story arc but I’m just kind of let down so far.

  20. This issue secured SA as my favorite Avengers title.

  21. I had read quite a few negative reviews about this issue but I thought it was solid, I’m really enjoying this.

  22. Loved it! It was a real page turner. Also I got quite attatched to achron. A little sad now.

  23. I’m in the underwhelmed camp as well so I am dropping this book for now.

  24. Are you people mad? This has been fuckin awful! Issue 2 was one of the worst books ever!

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