• Captain Marvel reborn to unite all Kree!

• Captain Marvel, The Protector and Ms. Marvel vs The Avengers!

• Who is Minister Marvel and why has he drawn the Phoenix to the Kree homeworld?

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Renato Guedes
Cover by Alan Davis

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I’m taking on Fear Itself this month. Finally.

    My subscription-title reading marathon is planned for summer.

    It’s beginning to look like a couple months of Thor, Iron Man, Cap, and three or four different flavors of Avengers.

    A nice big pile of The Last Year in Marvel.

  2. So, If i plan on pulling the new Captain Marvel series is this a must have book to see how Carol becomes the new Cap?

    • Im thinking the same, yeah. I plan on dropping this after AVX, but have a feeling Carol becomes the new Cap here…Cant wait for that series in July!

    • I’m not crazy about the Ms. Marvel makeover. I can see her becoming the new Cap, but the complete ovehaul of her appearance — ain’t feeling it. Also, Rememder’s issues have been disappointing. Will most likely drop the series at the conclusion of this arc. Maybe Jeff Parker would do better.

  3. I think I’m out. Not digging this. If it turns out to be important for Carol’s new series, I’ll get it later on.

  4. These tie ins seem to be badly hurting this title, I don’t think Remender had nearly enough Time on this book for this to interrupt to title

  5. Just talked to Remender via twitter, he told me 27 and 28 are must reads for anyone pulling the new Cap Marvel series. Pretty much defines the character.

  6. wonder how they will make Mar-vell dead again this time.

  7. Not picking this series up because of the tie-in. Not too interested in Ms. Marvel, and I’m not digging the art. Hope it comes back to form when the whole thing is over because those Hardman issues were awesome.

  8. Not very familiar with these characters, and I started picking it up with the crossover. I’m really digging it! I think the art is gorgeous, and it feels like something important is actually happening here (unlike some other books right now).

  9. Captain Marvel was in Space Hell and Thanos is Space Satan?

  10. I didn’t start reading this book until the crossover not knowing what to expect…and I love it! The art is worth the price alone. Definitely the highlight of AvX for me so far.

  11. I am really bothered by how Guedes draws Beast in these issues. I know people love and miss Beast’s old, simian appearance and I even enjoy it when I read old issues, but he does not look like that any more. There are always different interpretations with how he is drawn with artists, but this is far from that.

  12. This is good and all, but I feel like Remender forgot what “secret” means… where Brubaker and Ellis (and spencer, to an extent) kept the focus on secret missions, not suicide space missions with A-Listers. I’m sure mst of it is editorial, but I feel like this book is drifting away from what it was.

  13. This issue was better than the last one, at least it explains the weird behaviors around, and gives the team a good reason to do the heroic thing. It reminds me a lot of Galactic Storm.

    Please check my mini-review of here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  14. I liked this, but what is Valkyrie doing here? I can’t help but feel she is an extra in the cast and that she should have been in the scenes with James Rhodes when he was in critical condition.

    The art is leaving me cold. ALL the men’s faces look pretty much alike.

    Looking forward to a different art team ASAP, and a different focus to this title.

  15. Since the start, Secret Avengers has been such a roller coaster of quality for me: loved Brubaker’s first arc, liked his second arc less, loved Spencer’s .1 issue, hated his other issues, loved Ellis, felt a little down about Remender’s .1 issue, loved Remender’s first arc, liking this arc less

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