Story by Rick Remender
Art by Patrick Zircher
Colors by Andy Troy
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by Patrick Zircher & Dean White

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Cool. This will probably a complete story in one issue. I’m all over this.

  2. Anything Remender touches turns to gold so i’m on board with this.
    Should be neat seeing Venom on the team.

  3. Finally, it’s time for the main event.

    Brubaker’s run was an complete disaster from beginning to end. Spencer’s run was forgettable (though it was an editorially mandated fill-in arc, so it’s not really his fault). As for Ellis’ run…while it featured really fun adventures and a few issues where the art was A++ caliber, the stories were never really deep and you can obviously tell that Ellis’ heart wasn’t really in it.

    That’s why I’m excited for this run. Not only is one of my favorite artists (Gabriel Hardman) getting a hell of a big time title job to work on, but it also features Rick Remender on scripts. Remender has proven time and time again that not only can he write an imaginative story, but can stuff every aspect of the story with so much gravitas and future potential, that it becomes thrilling to read his stories to see what comes next.

    • How could you tell that Ellis’s heart wasn’t into the scripts?

      I got a feeling that it takes a bit of heart to construct wild high adventure stories that set up a threat and resolve it all within 20 pages.

      And do it 6 times in cool ways.

    • Beyond the adventures themselves, there really wasn’t anything character wise. The adventures seemed cool, but but characters partaking them weren’t given much detail beyond their actions in the issue.

    • And to be honest, that’s really fine. The title wasn’t bad because of that fact. It just means that Remender’s writing is most likely going to have an extra element that Ellis’ didn’t have.

    • Agree. It was light on characterization. Hard to accomplish big idea action and character all in 20 pages without overwriting it.

      But there were some awesome moments of showing the team working like perfection in silent action panels.

      You got the sense that this crew did not need to talk much but worked well together.

      Reminded me of some of Ellis’s Global Frequency, which is a good thing to me.

  4. Grrrr not enough room in my budget for this! May need to give give blood or harvest organs from hobos before this Wednesday…..DAMN YOU Remender for being so good!

    • It is a dollar less than normal.

    • Wait I thought that secret Avengers was normally a 2.99 title anyways and after this issue it was going up to 3.99 am i wrong?

    • I believe I was paying 4 bones for all the Ellis issues.

    • Yep, they were all $3.99.

    • Cool thanks guys wasn’t aware of that but am looking forward to jumping on with this title since I’ve dropped Avengers and New avengers… I need my Avengers damnit!!

    • Yeah. This book was always $3.99, but I think all of the .1 issues are supposed to be $2.99

    • I wish this series was $2.99 on a regular basis. Remender and Hardman are a fantastic creative team and deserve greater exposure. A lower price-point would encourage more readers to give this series a chance. I’m sure Marvel is pricing the .1 at $2.99 to encourage readers to take a shot on this series but those that know it will jump back up in price will stay away. if Remender and Hardman were not two of my favorite current creators, I’d stay away from this title because of the high price point.

  5. Rick Remender. Art by Patch. Cap, Clint and Flash. Excelsior! One, please.

  6. Remender has become one of my favorite writers over the pass 5 five months. I cannot wait.

  7. I wonder what The Next Champion thinks about the change of creators on this book? I bet he is a fan

  8. Remender is pulling me back to Secret Avengers which I dropped a year ago as not fulfilling its promise.
    I love, love, love X-Force. Liked, but did not love Venom. Hopefully another team book gives me more
    of what I love.

  9. Can not wait! I haven’t been loving the last issues, but I am very happy Remender is on this issue now!

  10. Why is Marvel always ruining great covers with those damn Banners…
    I kinda hate ads in comics, but I can live with them, it’s just how things are… But putting announcements on covers, that’s just going too far…

    • Yeah, a countdown banner is ludicrous. Plus, at a first glance it looks that the 3 is the issue number, despite the oversized .1 just below that. The top left corner is a “cacophony” of numbers.

    • Yeah, banners always ruin great covers. There was one really good Detective Comics cover that was ruined by a Green Lantern movie banner at the top. Same thing happened to American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest.

  11. as sad as it is to say, the banner is keeping me away from this book, will trade wait then perhaps jump on after AvX.

    • The banner is not an indication of content. It is just an advertisement.

    • Yeah, this issue and the first arc are not AvX related. The second arc, starting with issue #26, is a AvX tie-in.

    • The banner basically convinced me to wait for the discounted HC. That and the fact that it will be $3.99 after this issue.

    • What funcrusher said. I’ll wait, get the trades then consider adding it after the event. I am fully burnt out on marvel events.

    • I also hate banners and events, I’m still gonna try the book thou, if I continue reading it I’m still not gonna be conned into buying any avxvssdsuv or whatever.

    • This story arc is NOT tied into AvX. 22-25 is drawn by Hardman, this issue is drawn by Zircher, and NON of these issues tie-in to AvX. Starting with issue #26 Hardman is taking a break and the title WILL tie in, but that is NOT the case for this arc. If you want a taste of this series, this is where to start.

  12. If I could only afford one Avengers title a month, it would be this one.

    Much as I am looking forward to this issue, I am more stoked for the next one.

  13. Comixology posted it’s digital comics list for this week. Secret Avengers is not on the list. Marvel why do you continue to disappoint? I guess I’ll be taking my $2.99 elsewhere. Hopefully this is a mistake by Comixology because if not, Marvel seriously dropped the ball.

    • Yeah, logged in to look for it but was sorely disappointed. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it at all, if it’s not just a mistake. This issue should definitely have been released digitally, what with the new team and it being a .1 issue. WTF Marvel/Comixology?

    • It’s on the Marvel app for the iphone, droid, and ipad. it’s actually the first thing you see, a banner with the cover image on it. the app is free so if you really want this digitally go out there and get it

    • BOOO why is this not on comixology yet?!?!?! I wonder who’s responsible for deciding what companies get what because if marvel is holding just this comic exclusive to their app only for a period of time then that’s ridiculous! I’m not buying a digital comic that I can’t read on any device via comixology.

    • what RoiVampire said … I had to log into the Marvel app … purchase there, then it’s available in your comixology apps … stupid, yes, but it is available digitally, just a round about way. Same thing happened w/ Scarlet Spider last week, had to purchase it in the Marvel app … still not showing in the comixology app for sale. Very stupid and odd.

    • Why does Marvel think its a good business model to confuse and irritate its customers? i don’t want an app for every publisher. Its too much clutter…too many accounts, too many different interfaces to deal with and get to know. Give me one or two that has everything and i’m good.

      You either go all in with your digital partners or not at all, is how i look at it.

    • Forget that i’m not going to play their app dance game. I will torrent the sucker and then when marvel gets their head out of their ass and grants access to comixology then they can have my money, until then marvel can suck air.

    • Yep, only on the Marvel app. Lame Marvel, lame.

  14. So pissed that my LCS got boned and only got shipped one issue of this. Have to wait till next week now.

    Sad panda.

  15. Looks like this book is on track to get the highest user POW percentage. I guess The Next Champion’s constant campaigning/trolling against the book didn’t work

  16. After flipping through this at the store I decided to pass. Seems like #22 will be a perfectly fine jumping on point. Plus, it’s all Cap and Hawkeye here. Hawkeye is the one character on the team I want nothing to do with.

    • I felt the same way but loved him in this!

      I have a feeling that Remender is going to do what he did with Fantomex to Hawkeye and make everyone who thought differently love the character

    • Good to hear. I just have a strong aversion to archer characters (unless it’s Sterling Malory Archer). They are topped on my characters-to-avoid list only by The Sentry. The fact that both Hawkeye and Green Arrow have generic new costumes doesn’t help.

      I actually already thought Fantomex was kind of cool. Remender managed to make him a favorite. If he can do the same for Hawkeye I will bow to his skill.

  17. This was a great issue. So looking forward to Hardman on art duties though. Its going to be epic.

  18. My POTW in a very weak week. The art was solid and there were some cool spy elements that proved Remender is a great choice for this series. The final 4-5 pages were solid but the beginning of the issue was extremely weak. This issue was an entry point for people who don’t read comics on a regular basis and/or are not familiar with the Marvel Universe. Remender hits readers over the head with Hawkeye’s origin and status quo, and the Secret Avengers concept. Remender does yet have enough pull to avoid Marvel’s corporate medeling. This .1 issue is not necessary and those that skipped it, good for you.

    • Hey, I love Remender, but I do think Marvel’s meddling is ruining Venom for me. I’m looking at the upcoming four Venom issues in a month for the Venom, Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, X-23 crossover event as a jumping off point. The only reason I’m going to buy issue 13 is for the Tony Moore art. It’s close to his last appearance on the series and I realize now that his replacement just isn’t doing it for me.

    • Is Tony really leaving Venom?? I miss Fowler already too. I echo your sentiments, but it’s Remenders fist crossover so I am going to try to support. Also, I ended up reading this and liked it quite a bit.

    • I see Tony Moore is scheduled for Venom #14 after 4 weeks / issues of the event. Issues 15 & 16 have “bLANd” Medina back on at chores. Moore is just too good for me to ignore the difference in the art when Medina draws the books. I like Fowler a lot too, but I guess he’s off the book altogether working on his Hulk Season One GN.

  19. Decent issue. Nothing great, but a good, quick read.

    • Agree. I really enjoyed this, but it wasn’t worth a 5 out of 5 or anything like that. I would give it a 4 out 5. Was a fun read, and I am on board for the next issue.

  20. A great point one issue. I’m new to secret avengers and in truth this is my first avengers title ever (seriously). In on board mostly because of RR’s work on UXF & LDoAC but also because Captain Britain is on the team next issue.
    This was a great way in, only have a limited amount of exposure to the two. Characters featured here but that did not stop a engrossing story from unfolding. If this is just the beginning of what we can expect. I’m in.

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