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In the decadent and crumbling city of ANIANA, in the Eastern European country of SYMKARIA, a local drug lord is planning to sell something mysterious to the Shadow Council. The Secret Avengers cannot risk that, or an interception after the fact — they must get to the drug lord before the handover, and take whatever the goods are. Their covert mission uncovers something utterly unexpected, ancient and terrible and a threat to the entire world…

Story by Warren Ellis
Art by Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudiano, & Brian Thies
Colors by Jose Villarubia
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by John Cassaday, Paul Mounts, & Larry Stroman

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. It’s going to be very hard to top the wonderful, probably the best single issue of 2011, from last month. But Michael Lark (and apparently a slew of others) are going to try.

  2. So freaking good, this is the first Warren Ellis stuff i’ve read in years and he is killing it

  3. Really excited by the writers on this series. An intriguing title.

  4. I love this book, and I love Warren Ellis for writing a mainstream superhero book (even if it is an espionage take on superheroes) with almost no exposition. It’s all A plot, all the time, like it takes that little secrecy mantra quite seriously – tell the story, no chit chat. It’s bracing. 3 issues to go!

  5. When is Remender talking over this title again? Havent bothered with this series but will be checking it out then

  6. that fucking cover! the logo resides only in the shadow! amazing.

  7. Wow, are we actually gonna get a book with a decent Cassaday cover? Such a rare occasion now-a-days.

  8. This series has gotten awesome since Ellis gotten on it. And then we are getting Remender on it and the awesome will problably continue.

  9. Ellis! Lark! Symkaria!

    How could this be anything but awesome?

  10. We still have Alex Maleev and Stuart Immonen before we finish this….God Immonen is going to be amazing.

  11. I dropped this after #10 but after reading this one I am back on. This was so good!

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