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Things begin to unravel as we learn the identity of who Steadfast is working for. Billions and billions of bits of data floating through the air screaming to anyone who will listen: FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ryan Bodenheim & Michael Garland

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  1. So in a bunch of interviews, awhile back, Hickman said if this was to come back it would be in more of a wrap up/what-would-have-been type issue – but now it seems like its coming back as a full on series? Either way, better pull out those first two issues and refresh my brain!


    I liked this book so much more than Manhattan Projects. Please let it be coming back as a full on series! PLEASE!

  3. Is this real life? I wonder what the problem is with this title. RED MASS FOR MARS also had insane delays — would it be that Ryan Bodenheim simply can’t produce in time..? I wonder if the issue will have a not from Hickman…

  4. Is this real life?

    I wonder what the problem is with this title. RED MASS FOR MARS also had insane delays — could it be that Ryan Bodenheim simply can’t produce in time..? I guess we’ll see in the coming months. SECRET seems to be back for good, but I have a hard time believing it.

    • If I remember correctly, Hickman implied pretty heavily in an interview months ago that is was Bodenheim that caused the delays. And he didn’t sound too pleased about it either.

    • I’d love to read that interview, if you can recall which one.

      Also, sorry about the accidental double-posting.

  5. I’m sure I remember Hickman saying that this series would now wrap with issue 5, and that will wrap it up include what Hickman’s original plans for the series were. I really hope I’m wrong and that this is coming back for good.

  6. How long ago did # 2 come out ?

  7. Basically this looks to be back as an ongoing since issues 3-6 have been solicited by image from this month up to November, but I still have no clue as to what the delays were or who fault it was?!

  8. I remember reading somewhere that Bodenheim had some pretty serious health issues and that is why it took so long to come back.

  9. I would assume the blame to be Hickmans. I mean when the hell is he gonna finish SHIELD? Which I thought was one of his strongest series to date.

    • Well, considering his last collaboration with Bodenheim (Red Mass for Mars) was also beset by year-long delays, and Hickman’s other Image books come out more or less on time, I’d have to say it’s probably not his fault.

      As for SHIELD, both Hickman and Weaver kind of blew up on that series (which I don’t believe was selling particularly well as of the last published issue), so it’s easy to assume that Marvel wanted them on higher-profile projects before they finish up those last two issues. Hickman said in an interview a while back that it will be finished, they just have find the time in Weaver’s schedule for him to draw it.

      Of course, Feel Better Now (the one-shot that was expanded to an OGN) was originally solicited for Sept 2011 and still has set release date – and Hickman’s writing and drawing that. But I can’t really fault the dude – he’s a busy man these days!

  10. I just looked at when the first and second books dropped; April 11 and June 6 of last year. I didn’t realize it’s been that long. I think I may need to refresh my memory before reading #3.

  11. Just like SHIELD, the delays were so rampant that I just don’t care about this anymore. At least this is getting finish in some capacity. Oh well, I’ll wait for a trade if that ever comes.

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