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We learn the secret past of the Steadfast Security’s chief operator as clues begin to appear regarding the mysterious KODIAC protocols. Someone gets out of jail, someone gets divorced, someone comes home dead.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ryan Bodenheim & Michael Garlans

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. What is this about? The covers and the solicits don’t really strike me as that interesting but I love Hickman.

    • Espionage/Spies & all the scary fuckers who know all about you & everything you do, the kind of people you don’t wanna know.
      It could (early days still) be similar to Greg Ruckas Queen & Country, the first issue was very slow-paced, which I get the impression the whole series will be like!

      But hey it’s Hickman, risk it…..

  2. This is on the same great level (imo) as The Manhattan Projects. Very excited the second issue is finally coming out.

  3. Not nearly on the same level as M.P. in my humble opinion. its good don’t get me wrong but issue one didnt have that holy shit moment that drew me in like issue one of manhattan projects.
    It’s still well worth the read and Ryan Bodenheim’s art is pretty stellar.

  4. Finally a week late, I gotta get my weekly Hickman fix!!!!!!

  5. It feels like forever since the last issue came out. Considering the first issue was good, but not great, I don’t know how I feel of such a delay if this keeps happening.

  6. Issue #1 did a great job of setting up some interesting characters. I want to know more. Ready for issue #2.

    • This is how I feel. I am intrigued and will stick it out for awhile….and as other’s have said it is Hickman, so I don’t think there is too much of a risk hanging on for a bit.

  7. MindTrickdMedia (@mindtrickdmedia) says:

    Hickman writes a “Damn Good Comic!” Was going to skip this series, then I finally picked up #1 and like everyone else, got hooked and roped in. It’s now getting to a point that a Hickman comic cannot be missed.

  8. I forgot to grab the first one, I’m going to grab this and hopefully my shop still has a copy of #1 laying around.

  9. Spoilers (kinda):

    Did anyone else notice that the big reveal at the end had “contrary” art in the last panel of page 12 when Grant holsters his sidearm?

    • Yes not only there. When he is putting his gun away on page 13 he has 5 finger on his left hand. Before he looks at the divorce papers where he rests his left hand on the desk it’s 5 finger, too.

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