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  1. i wish this was more than three issues.

  2. yep, i am loving it… 
    this is the 2nd of 3 story arcs…  so there will be more 🙂

  3. I’m glad its only 3 issues.  To me it implies that G-Mo is telling the exact story he wants to and is not dragging it out for 6 issues each arc. 

    Although I will concur that I want more chubby da choona.

  4. I think we can all agree that at one time or another we’ve imagined doing to Disney world exactly what Seqaguy is doing in that cover. Take that Spaceship Earth! (Is it even called that anymore?)

  5. Grant Morrison has said that he and Stewart are doing a third mini. Which makes me happy.

  6. Love this book, and just pray for the safe return of Chubby.

  7. Double dip of Old Scotty McTrippypants this week, eh?

  8. can’t wait

  9. This book has been a huge surprise for me. For all those who find it hard to follow, try going through the book without reading the word balloons and just absorb the story from the art–then head back and read the balloons…I did this on the first and second issues (I have NO previous seaguy experience) and found I had no trouble following the story. Cameron Stewart makes an otherwise unintelligible story riveting…

  10. @AlexG It’s not unintelligible, it’s purposefully written that reality and unreality are confused. Also, it’s dependent on knowing the first story to a degree. Still your advice is sound, Camerson Stewart’s art is phenomenal.

    Loved this issue. Wasn’t as good as last issue, but it did a lot in a short amount of space. This felt even longer than 40 pages! I know they’re doing one more story, so I can’t wait for that. 5/5 for me. Also, I loved that a writer has finally done the Re Sonja thing. 😉 

  11. @Prax-Agreed; not unintelligible.

    Satisfying conclusion to the second act.  I  can’t wait for the last one, yet sadly I don’t think we will be getting more choona.

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