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  1. w00t

  2. I second that. 

  3. I don’t think my shop will have this one on Wednesday so might get it off amazon wiht the starman omni vol. 2 when it comes out

  4. I’ll probably pick it up in a week or so, along with Transhuman and All Star Supes vol. 2.  Luckily I have tons of other books to read to tie me over until this ships

  5. I’m in the same boat as chrs7637. Except Amazon’s site says they won’t have this for a few more weeks yet. 🙁

  6. DAY 1!



    I’m already predicting this mine, and the iFanboy POW 🙂


  10. This week is all about this book. 

  11. Added to pull list a month ago so I’d be sure to have it on Wednesday.  Now, let’s just hope they get it.

  12. After thinking about it, I don’t think the amount of money I would save, around $8, is worth waiting a few weeks.  I’m buying this book Wednesday!  Can’t wait

  13. zOmg, O’Malley is so awesome. Been excited for the newest volume for a long while. I wish I was buying the series but my brother has it covered, so its all cool.

  14. I 30+ and still try to dress like these people. Is that sad?

  15. I read the first volume of this about a week ago and didn’t think it was all that great.

    This is probably the first thing that iFanboy has raved about that I have found underwhelming.

  16. @ ScorpionMasada. i agree… i think you have to read more than the first issue to get the full effect

  17. Didn’t get around to re-reading Vol. 1 ~ 4 like I planned but I am still looking forward to sitting down and reading this once my DCBS shipment arrives next week.

  18. Yeah, vol. 2 really hooked me.  Vol. 3 is probably my least favorite, but then 4 came along and just nailed it again.  If the iFanboys are to be trusted, which they are, then this volume should not disappoint.

  19. @Scorpion – Read them all. The first book gets you into the world, after that you’re hooked 🙂

  20. i went to my comic shop of a year and a half to ask them to put one of these in my box. They said it would be two weeks or more before they got it in. So I went online to find another shop, and i found one of the coolest looking shops ever. I went there and asked them to set me aside a copy. The owner told me no problem, and went on to explain their subscription policy which included discounts and free copies of previews(two things I was not getting at my regular shop). I went back to my regular shop and cancelled my pull box, and set one up at the new shop. All because of the awesomeness of Scott Pilgrim.

  21. Why is this not the number one pulled book??? whoever hasn’t read these books needs to!!!!!!! these are so amazing and i’m so excited!!!!

    @drakedangerz – you really liked Vol. 3 the least? i think the whole  psychic vegan thing gave me way too much enjoyment! I can’t name a favorite outta these books just because  i read through them all so fast and they work together so well that I just take them as a whole. SO GOOD!!!!

  22. So, Excited!!! Man, Ramonda looks pissed on the cover.

  23. @TopGun-I guess I just didn’t like the control the old girlfriend had over him.  Too much emo in that volume?  Not sure, it just didn’t click as much for me.

    Favorite line was from volume 4 "Scott learned the power of love!"  Priceless!!

  24. *earned

  25. Soooo excited.

    Amazon says they won’t deliver it until the end of February….bugger.

    I wasn’t even planning on going to my store this week, but if they have this, I am gonna snap it up and cancel that Amazon order SO HARD.

  26. @Cooper: I think I’m just going to order it  from an online comic shop if my "local" (almost 2-hours away) shop doesn’t have it (they won’t). Amazon isn’t even giving much of a discount on this…

  27. anybody going to jim hanley’s midnight signing?  CANNOT WAIT!!

  28. Favorite line from vol. 4 "Scott, if your life had a face i would punch it. I would punch your life in the face."

  29. @topgun- followed later in the book by my favorite line "Scott, if your life had a face i would punch it in the balls. seriously"

  30. That line might just be my new mantra for 2009 🙂

  31. I want to read this like right now!!! ARRRGGHH!!! No Scott for me till about five or six tonight!

  32. Oh so shiny!!!

    P.S.  You could easily tell the people just in the shop for this book because of the tight-ass skinny pants 😛

  33. just read it. i loved it. completly worth the wait. i am now going to impatiently complain about when vol. 6 is coming out.

  34. Who’s the jerk that didn’t give this a 5???

  35. man read it all the way through. kim pine RIP. LOL jk

    but AWESOME! now must wait another year for the final showdown! 

  36. UH…….Johns , Perez, Legion vs. Scott Pilgrim???? Come on people Three Worlds should be the pick of the week!!!

  37. blazed through it, loved every second of it and now…waiting??? Cliffhanger?? I might die of this. Why, the world is so gruesome…

  38. Finished this last night, and boy was it GoOOooOood!!! I loved how Scott kept leaving the kittie fishy type food, especially the gold fish crackers. 🙂 

    And now the long horrible wait for Vol.6 begins.:(

  39. Achievement unlocked: Finished Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5

    Don’t hate, but I wasn’t totally in love with this.  I still think 4 is my favorite.  I really really liked this, but still somewhat lacking for me.  Still, it definitely fed my need for some Pilgrim.  I guess we’ll be getting the movie before we get volume right?

    P.S.  Am I the only one that didn’t consider this for POTW?  Not that it wasn’t good enough to be, its just that I felt wrong putting up a nice big beefy trade against my single issues.  Going by the percentage that chose this, I know I’m in the minority for thinking this way.  But still, just wanted to get it out there.

  40. @drakedangerz – i think that i’m in the same boat as you but even more so. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve been ho-ing out my previous volumes to every one i know, and i LOVED!!!! the first four volumes but it felt like there was something missing from this one…..i’m really sad……i’m not sitting here saying it was bad or going all crazy vengeful fanboy…but…idk if i would even give this a 4 star rating. I think for me this was just a 3 star…..i missed the manic energy in this book.

    there were definitely fun parts that made me smile and kinda giggle i remember having full belly laughs with the previous volumes and losing my mind at the end but with this one not so much. i’m not dieing for 6 to come out next week…..i guess it’ll come out when it comes……i’m sad… 🙁

  41. My comic shop only ordered 2…

  42. @TopGun-Thanks for not making me feel like an outsider 🙂

  43. MORE MANGA is what you people need to read.  Then you wouldn’t like this as much actually, ’cause there’s some truly amazing manga out there, that’s similar to this.

  44. @KickAss – I’ve read manga but i feel like every character i read about is the same as another in some other manga i read, or they’ll have something that’ll make me think "thats such a manga thing to do." When i read battle royale i felt like  they took every character cliche’ and put that into it.

    With scott pilgrim i feel like the characters i’m reading about could be walking around next to me. Me and my buddy will go to parties and if we see a rude loud bossy chick we call her Julie Powers. If we see someone that looks like my buddy (who’s exactly like Scott) we call him Young Neil. I feel like i know these character.

  45. @ KickAss – I could never get into Manga cause of the art. The stories are good, but I could never get past the art…

  46. Im 36 and I still dress like these guys! Not my fault I’m still young at heart! Except I play guitar, have a job and a comic reading 13 year old daughter! Otherwise, me and my shenanigans are similar, for the most part. Actually, these characters are more mature than the so called grown ups that surround me. Oh well… it’s all good!

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