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From the Eisner award-winning team that brought you Daredevil, Halo, and the Avengers comes another startling new chapter in their first ever creator owned series. You’ve met Scarlet and now you know who she is and what she wants… the world is a corrupt broken place and she is going to fix it. But how far is she willing to go? She is talking revolution right here in the United States!! But where does one start such a thing?


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  1. That’s cool art!

  2. If this issue can live up to the quality of the incredible first issue then we may truly have something special on our hands with this… i’m thinking this will be a "read the comic before leaving the parking lot of the comic shop" type of book—such is my excitement!

  3. She looks like mystique on this cover.

  4. I did enjoyed the first issue. Lets see what happens.

  5. I hope she keeps talking to me between panels.

  6. @AmirCat Oh, I can see why you made that mistake. She was actually talking to me. It was very clear eye contact and we had a definite moment. No had feelings, huh?

  7. I don’t mean to burst your bubbles, while you may have *had* a moment, we on the other hand *shared* a moment.


  8. I really hope this eries can live up to the promise of the first issue.

  9. Crap, I meant series.

  10. @JimBilly & @RoiVampire – If you refer to page 13, you’ll clearly see her saying "AmirCat, you and me forever …"

  11. i want to say this book is a little heavy on the teen angst for me but i never actually grew out of the teen angst period so, like, whatever!

  12. Although I liked the first one, it seems like this will end up being a Kick Ass ripoff, only without anyone wearing a  costume.  I hope Bendis proves me wrong.

  13. @zomiepoo It sounds more like breaking point, than kick ass to me. I thought the first issue was a perfect comic book, and if this issue lives up to that we may have an epic new book on our hands.

  14. There’s no way on this planet that Bendis is ripping off Millar with this book. No way

  15. @JumpingJupiter- is there really any weight behind that statement?  Mystique can look like anything.

    and @edward- he just wants some of that movie money.  the checks for Powers haven’t started coming in yet. 

  16. First issue was great. I just need to decide whether to go trade or issues. Depends on this one.

  17. @abirdeysview: Bendis proberly shat in he’s hat when he saw Millar rock up to that marvel confrence in he’s new maserati

  18. First issue was great. Get in.

  19. Can’t wait to re-read the first issue then read this.

  20. Reread the first issue recently. It’s one of the few comics I’ve read that I actually had a strong emotional response to.

  21. Heading to the comic shop now. If this is sold out already (like issue number 1 was at my shop) I will sulk so hard that the entire city of chicago will be in a funk.

  22. Saw that Ronald Richards was the writer of the newspaper article.

    Really loving this series.

  23. I kind of thought the art stunk in this issue.  I thought both the main character and the evil cop looked like 2 or 3 different photo-referenced people each.  The story was still interesting though.

  24. This is the Bendis I love. Great read. 

  25. I loved this! As I rule I like the majority of bendis’ work but this just brings me back to the crisp dialogue of some of his early b&w crime books. Wow. I appreciate maleev’s talent but it’s not neccasarily my “thing” but aside from a stray panel or two I think he did some great work, and his storytelling is solid. Everyone involved is really producing great work, especially the letterer (don’t have my issue in front of me but I believe it’s elipolous) kudos to all.

  26. Must read. In a time when I intend to get rid of most hard copies of books, this is one that I will probably buy in floppies, then get in some version of hard back trade.

  27. Maleev’s work is fantastic, the choice of colors is unconventional, but somehow works.

    Does anyone else feel like it’s a gimmick the way Bendis has her talking to the reader all the time, haven’t really seen that used as something major before, sorta threw me off and drew me in at the end of the last issue.

  28. I love the art and the story is working out very well for me.

  29. This series cannot be more amazing.


     PS.Journalist Ronald Richards, reporting in. <3 Bendis

  30. What can I say that’s not been said. A great second issue. Now that the bad cop is out of the picutre the story can really start – wow, that’s a mind blowing thought.

    I love that the two covers so far have teased the woman Scarlett is growing into, while in the book she’s still new to the whole thing. 

  31. First Josh, now Ron. Is it safe to assume that fashion critic Conor Kilpatrick will make an appearance next issue?

  32. I’m such a Buffy fanboy that I tried to convince myself this was the second best comic I read this week.  But it wasn’t.  Scarlet is on her way to being my favorite new female character since Jessica Jones. 

  33. I have a really hard time dealing with the art. In one panel it looks like it might have been drawn and the next is a photo with one or two photo shop filters and it stops me dead as a reader.

  34. One of those rare books that I read and then keep thinking back on over the next few days. Maleev drifts into some traced/photoshopped look here and there, but generally it is a beautiful and tells the story. For writing, my only complaint was the ex-cop scene which seemed to go on and on. Especially the soliquy. Less is more more, Bendis. Keep it coming.

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