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  1. Red Crow is my favorite character in this book but I just has such a bad feeling about his fate.  This arc leads up to the big status quo changing issue. Ekk. I am so nervous!

    On the other hand that is one pretty Jock cover. 

  2. After last issue, this is easily my favorite book out there right now

  3. Best book on the stands?

    yes. yes it is.

  4. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    yes, my fav

  5. Issue #22 & still not a single bad one. What other comic has a record like that?

  6. I can’t wait to see how the end of last issue plays out.  This book is so amazing.

  7. Fan-freakin’-tastic book.  Love it every month.

  8. Very strong cover.

  9. would this be a good jumping on point? I havent read any of the trades and I have heard alot of good stuff. Any advice?

  10. Do not jump on! Read the trades and then try to collect the back issues to catch up. It will be so much more rewarding.

  11. @accent

    as much as I want people to read this book and keep it going, it would be tough to jump on.  You could try getting #21 and go with it, but I feel you really need to read everything that has happened so far.

  12. @accent: Get the trades!!! I started reading this in trade and haven’t made the jump to issues (and probably never will). Even though it pains me each time to pass up individual issues when this comes out I love reading this in trade (just like Y, Ex Machina and Fables). This is one comic I’m glad I’m reading in trade even though most of my books I read in issues.

  13. Phenomenal issue. 

  14. i think i might buy the trades, even though i have all the single issues. then i have a good excuse to re-read the whole run. plus i can give the floppies to a friend of mine for christmas.

  15. Just read issues #7-#22 this weekend… easily the best and most consistent book out there.  This one was particularly good.

  16. Finally got around to reading this.  Red Crow is right up there with Tony Soprano as being one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen/read

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