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Carter Hall’s skill at deciphering lost languages has led him to a job with an archaeologist who specializes in alien ruins – but will the doctor’s latest discovery spread an alien plague through New York City? No matter the personal cost, Carter Hall must don his wings and become the new, savage Hawkman to survive!

Witness the start of a new action series from writer Tony Salvatore Daniel and artist Philip Tan that will take Hawkman where no hero has flown before!

Art and cover by PHILIP TAN

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. This looks awesome – I’m very excited for this book!

  2. I know almost nothing about hawkman so i’m excited to expand my horizons with this.

  3. This is the type of book that could be awesome with relaunch. Drop the baggage and just tell awesome stories.

  4. Crumbs! Look at that cover art! I am sooo excited with this . Keep it up!

  5. After Daniel’s Detective Comics #1 my expectations are very low for this book, who knows though, maybe we’ll see another Winick style Batwing/Catwoman dichotomy of quality.

  6. Please let it work this time…

  7. I’m not so enthused by the cover art myself. Still gonna give it a shot.

  8. Phillip Tan?! great!!!

  9. The new uniform is way over the top. Trying the first issue, but will probably be done in one.

  10. Everything about this looks bad. I am still going to buy it because I want a Hawkman book so much it hurts.

  11. Anyone else see the Francis Manapul-like (Flash) style for the art, washes, AND color in the preview?

  12. Never read a Hawkman book but from what I hear he’s one of the characters that needed the reboot/relaunch the most. Hope this gives the character a chance to shine.

  13. Never read a hawkman book as well, but im excited to see how this turns out. the art looks freaking cool.

  14. I hope this is good. Last week and I’m going through my pull lists and taking off titles for month 2. Detective was eliminated.

  15. Not surprised to see that this title is the least pulled of the DCNU books this week. I have heard and read many a complaint on how this character has been handled in the past. I hope this creative team can make this character compelling. There is no reason why they can’t. They have a fresh start.

  16. What a surprise. This was a GREAT comic book. A lot of the new 52 books I’ve read have been more setup, less action. But this manages both perfectly to make a very fulfilling comicbook. This gets on my full pull list for sure.

  17. Please do not buy this book! Tony Daniel is not a good writer and Hawkman is already due for a new reboot. He is supposed to be Conan with wings not Witchblade with wings and a penis. Nuff said.

    • This is a relaunch, he is what he is in this issue 1.

      I can’t wait until issue 2 and I’ve been encouraging anyone that listens to pick this excellent book up.

      Let go of the past (or simply read your old issues). Personally, I’m emnbracing the future.

    • I don’t think I ever read a Hawkman story in my life and I thought this was pretty terrible.

      I enjoyed the art though.

    • I liked this gave it a solid 4. Really liked his Detective too. That was a 5.
      Why do you care if I buy this book?

    • Sorry, I am just a huge fan of Hawkman I also really dug the Hawkman and Hawkgirl relationship. I also am surprised that Tony Daniel got two books to write that’s all.

    • Quote from Tony Daniel last month…. “How savage am I making him? Well, he’s going to be chopping people’s heads off, dismembering people — all the good stuff. I mean, the guy has an axe, a mace, a shield that has three big spikes coming out of it. He’s not going to be tickling his opponents! The nature of the character’s design just says it all, but what that means is that he’s going to have some pretty intense foes”

    • Uhm big talk for someone who havent bought the book.

  18. I liked it. I liked it when they did the last Hawkman soft reboot until they brought the continuity back. Something about a dude with wings and a big ass medieval weapon. Why can’t Angel hook it up like this instead of that ridiculous archangel.

  19. This looked sloppy to me so I didn’t pick it up.

  20. Not my thing. The art was very weak. The best part of the art was the monster at the end. The story really really bored me. I had a very hard time pulling myself through it.

  21. The art was beautiful. I loved every single page and I like that the villains now look much more deadly. I loved that theres a new twist n new concept for Carter, I cant believe this is so low on the pull list. This i as good as titans/flash

  22. Where has this Tony Daniel been? His Detective was sub-par, but I really enjoyed this. He seems to get Hawkman. Also the art was a thing. I don’t know if it was bad or good but it had me attention for most of the book.

  23. Best part of the #1’s being over with. No more Tony Daniel books for me.

    And just for fun, they threw a heaping of Phillip “The Bad” Tan with this issue. Blech.

  24. This got a 1 for me and nothing more, the art and story seemed very lazy and I do not like this character any longer with the Nth metal being morphed with his body. Blue Beetle already has something very similar to that and it does not work at all for him either. Just sayin I am a big Hawkman and Hawkwoman fan however; this reboot is one of the worst!!

    Just Sayin’,


  25. I’ll give it a shot, light week for me coming up

  26. Just didn’t work for me. The story was okay and the art was hit and miss (leaning toward a hit). It just seemed underwhelming for such a high-end B level character.
    Perhaps I’ll check in on it after the first arc.

  27. It was fun, but you know…I’d like to learn about this Hawkman character. He seems pretty cool but I’ve never read anything about him so I feel like the first arc would be a good time to maybe teach me about him, his origin, give me a bit more of his personality and that sort of thing…

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